‘Producers only work with big names’ – Kevwe Ogunje

‘Producers only work with big names’ – Kevwe Ogunje

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Nollywood actor and producer, Kevwe Ogunje, who recently moved back to Nigeria because of his passion for acting, featured in a recent chat.

During his interview, he opened up about his fears as an actor and what Nollywood isn’t doing for young actors.

The structure of Nollywood and lack of policies protecting the creative industry and intellectual property.

Nigerians like to deal with big names, that’s why you get actors who are 45 years old still playing 25-year old students in the university.

Kevwe also talked about not regretting his decisions despite the difficulties he has been facing after moving back.

Maybe just like 10 times a day [laughs]. I hardly regret decisions made from an informed position, I knew what I was getting myself into when I decided to relocate. My plan is to be here for two years and then take it up from there.

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