Questions Dog Davido After The Mysterious Death Of DJ Olu

Questions Dog Davido After The Mysterious Death Of DJ Olu

By Joan Omionawele

Four days after the mysterious death of one of Davido‘s friend- Tagbo Umeike, two of his other friends reportedly died in similar fashion: DJ Olu and a ‘Chime’ both died in their cars on Saturday.

Olugbenga Abiodun was the HKN ‘official DJ’ and has been part of the crew since 2013. His death was mourned by Davido and members of his label, and he even shared a video of them praying backstage before a show. On the contrary, Tagbo with whom he was partying did not receive such posthumous prayers; only one Snapchat post and that was all.

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Already Tagbo Umeike’s death is being investigated through an autopsy sanctioned by his family to determine the actual cause of his death. Unconfirmed reports say his corpse was taken to the hospital by four men who were wearing face caps ostensibly to hide their identify. Caroline Danjuma who first made those claims insist the four men were Davido and his posse. Most fans concede that the ‘thirty shots’ of tequila which the actress claimed Tagbo had drunk on the night may have caused his death, many more are wondering how Davido did not actually present himself at the hospital.

DJ Olu and a few armed policemen

Fast forward to DJ Olu’s death: although his aristocratic family had yet to make an official statement since his passing, it hasn’t stopped conspiracy theorists from suggesting that it could have been caused by ‘foul play’.

Like Davido, DJ Olu Was A ‘Rich Kid’ Who Found Joy In Music

Special Ed, longtime Davido hypeman and current ‘Head of Corporate Sponsorship’ at Davido’s label HKN did not mince words when he spoke on the matter. Using Snapchat and Instagram, he said: ‘No sickness no complications, plus we have everything we could possibly want so wtf, this doesn’t add up sha. I know evil when I see it. The older crowd have a hand in this. DISAGREE!!!!!!!!! THEY KNOW I SAY MY MIND!!! ASK THEM WAT THEY DID TO HIM OR WAT THEY USED HIM FOR O!!!!’

‘Say what they used him for?‘ NET sought to find out from HKN insiders if that meant Special Ed was suggesting there was some diabolical reason behind these deaths. The individual who spoke to us on the condition of anonymity described DJ Olu as ‘a cool dude who didn’t have any troubles.’

With respect to Olu and Chime, I still saw him on Thursday and he had his usual broad smile. He always made people laugh and never held a grudge. I knew he always used codeine along with his friends, you know it is a common thing with guys. So this may have been a case of overdose. I still cannot believe he is gone, he had big plans for himself…’

Overdose indeed may be the cause of death as Davido never hides the rockstar lifestyle he and his friends lead: there’s always copious amounts of alcohol and weed where HKN goes.

The autopsy on the corpse of the first friend that died, Tagbo is said to be underway now. The result may shed more light on these mysterious deaths in the space of one week.

Davido on his part is on the South Africa leg of his 30 Billion Tour. Some fans have questioned if he couldn’t cancel one or two shows as a mark of respect to his departed friends. However with tickets sold several weeks in advance, that could have been one move too costly; perhaps why the pop star didn’t consider it.

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