Reality Check: Mavins Records ‘DNA Twins’ Haven’t Lived Up To The Hype

Reality Check: Mavins Records ‘DNA Twins’ Haven’t Lived Up To The Hype

By Vheektor Okpala

We first caught a glimpse of them in 2013 on the Glo X-Factor reality show. Though their talent wasn’t quite immaculate enough to enable finish the race at first place, they had another advantage – one that many musicians with the finest talents cannot afford, the much talked about ‘star power.

Three years later, they competed on the first season of The Voice Nigeria and were evicted during the fourth live show. They might not have emerged winner of the competition, but they sure garnered a lot of followership, probably more than any other contestant in that season.

Shortly after the end of the show, the universe smiled on the DNA twin brothers (Clinton and Blair Roberts), as they were unveiled by Don Jazzy as new members of the Mavin family along with Johnny Drille and rapper POE.

The twins looked the part: good looking talented identical brothers with enough charisma to make the ladies swoon but up until Mavin called, the talent and charisma did not count for much in the absence of a proper structure. The expectation was that being on Don Jazzy’s label would provide the right platform and said structure to help them take over the world.

Looking at their journey so far, it doesn’t quite look like the DNA Twins are anywhere close to taking over Lagos.

Mavin records has indeed provided countless opportunities for them as Don Jazzy ensured they were not left out of any promising opportunity. They were paraded by Don Baba J on our screens during the Big Brother Naija show that was aired to millions of people across the continent and Don Jazzy ensured that they were featured in the BBNaija Contestants ‘See Gobe’ single.

The opportunities that have been presented to the duo as a result of their affiliation with the Don Jazzy led Mavin Records are immense but the brothers just haven’t been able to run with it. They remain the apple of the ladies eyes but haven’t done so much to make them the melody in our ears. From the sound of their debut Mavin single ‘How Can’ one could tell that the brothers are not here to make soul records but merely concerned about becoming pop stars like the Psquare type.We lend them our ears but our hearts refused to participate. ‘It is a sleeper hit’ we encouraged ourselves but the hit never woke up.

Don’t blame us. We tried but it wasn’t just the right song. The video was soon released – we rushed to check it out but there was also nothing in there for us. They followed up with another single titled ‘Queen’ and yes you guessed right; it is still not the song.

The DNA Twins displayed a lot of promise but they so far haven’t lived up to the hype. There’s already enough average records to go round – don’t blame us for asking for too much because more than any other rising acts, the DNA Twins have been granted countless opportunities and received so much attention for doing so little and to whom much is given, much more is expected.

What is missing in their products? We don’t have the answer – but we trust that Don Jazzy can figure it out. We don’t have Psquare anymore and we are counting on the DNA Twins to become Africa’s biggest pop duo.

We still believe in them.

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