See How Americans Are Reacting After 224.3 Million Cellphones Got Test #PresidentialAlert SMS

See How Americans Are Reacting After 224.3 Million Cellphones Got Test #PresidentialAlert SMS

By Chux Odoh

Today at 2:18 p.m, American time, mobile phones across the United States simultaneously emitted an ominous ring, signalling an emergency #PresidentialAlert.

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It was the United State’s first nationwide test of its new wireless emergency alert system, designed to warn citizens of impending danger, like a terror attack, pandemic or natural disaster.

“THIS IS A TEST of the National Wireless Emergency Alert System,” it read. “No action is needed.”

It is also being reported that there were television and radios stations also broadcasted the test alerts two minutes later.

The test, a culmination of many years of work was originally scheduled for August last month but it was pushed back by Hurricane Florence.

Only the president — or someone he designates can make the decision to send a real alert in case of a nationwide crisis.

Some Americans, however, are not amused by the government’s new action as they cannot opt out of the service. They have been sharing their thoughts of Twitter with some outrightly mocking President Donald Trump.

See some tweets below –

All our lives dangle at the end of a wire. Ask yourself: who controls it? How else might it be used? #PresidentialAlert

— Edward Snowden (@Snowden) October 3, 2018

Michelle wouldn’t have let this happen #PresidentialAlert

— Angharad Hatt (@AngharadHatt) October 3, 2018

My fantasy FEMA alert. #PresidentialAlert

— Ed Krassenstein (@EdKrassen) October 3, 2018

When you get that #PresidentialAlert

— Dee👩🏾‍⚕️🧡💛💚 (@DeAnnA9891) October 3, 2018

I personally don’t want someone who’s an admitted sexual predator and pathological liar to have unlimited access to my devices at his tiny handed behest. #presidentialalert

— Ruth H. Hopkins (@RuthHHopkins) October 3, 2018

If Twitter bans President Trump, he can just text us! #PresidentialAlert

— Ryan Fournier (@RyanAFournier) October 3, 2018

I wonder if Trump realizes that he just sent text messages to Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Robert Mueller…#PresidentialAlert

— Brian Krassenstein (@krassenstein) October 3, 2018

I was in a cell phone store when the #presidentialalert happened.

Hell on Earth.

— A new hope. (@Desmuri) October 3, 2018

If FEMA’s #PresidentialAlert is possible, then it is also be possible to send an alert with a link to an official voter registration page that allows anyone to register to vote and find their polling place in a matter of minutes.

When I become president that’s what I’ll do!

— Ed Krassenstein (@EdKrassen) October 3, 2018

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