See The Groups For The 2019 Women’s World Cup

See The Groups For The 2019 Women’s World Cup

By Mofijesusewa Samuel

The Women’s World Cup is starting today and is holding in France. The nations in the world cup have been grouped into different groups, with Nigeria being in the first group alongside France, Norway and South Korea. The groupings along with the rankings of each country’s team in the world are below:

France – 4
Norway – 12
Nigeria – 38
South Korea – 14

Germany – 2
China – 15
Spain – 13
South Africa – 49

Italy – 15
Brazil – 10
Australia – 6
Jamaica – 53

England – 3
Scotland – 20
Japan – 7
Argentina – 37

Netherlands – 8
Canada – 5
New Zealand – 19
Cameroun – 46

Sweden – 9
Chile – 39
USA – 1
Thailand – 34

There are only three African nations in the Women’s World Cup this year with Nigeria’s Super Falcon being the best among them.

The Super Falcon who are the reigning African and 9 times champions of the African Women Cups of Nation are returning to the World Cup with hopes of getting to the finals on July 7. The best performance of the Super Falcons at the World Cup was in 1999 when they got to the quarter finals.

South Africa’s team is making their debut at the World Cup this year. The Bafana Bafana team that have only gotten this far in the Olympics are hoping to make an impact this year.

Cameroon’s Indomitable Lionesses made it to the World Cup in 2015 but were in the last position. The hope is that they will do better at this year’s World Cup.

Nigeria’s first match will be tomorrow at 8pm for their first match out of three. The second match out of three is to hold on Wednesday, June 12 at 2pm. The third and final match in the group stage will hold on the 17th of this month by 8pm.

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