Seven activities for you to do before summer ends

Seven activities for you to do before summer ends

By Adeoluwa Atayero

Perfect summer combination

Summer is the time people get a number of awesome activities done and seeing as it’s almost over, do not let Summer 2017 pass you by without doing these!

1. Read a book… yes, people still do that

Get enlightened while at it

For once in a long time, put down your phone. In fact, turn it off and pick up a book. Flip the pages, rest your eyes from all that screen starting and let someone that is not on Twitter or Instagram entertain you for once.

2. Take a long walk… no we are not kidding!

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It’s not until you’re broke before you can take a long walk

This is no joke, some of you need to move those leg muscles a bit. You can turn on your phone now but you have to put it on airplane mode. Listen to some music and just walk.

3. Visit a Spa… oh yes, we have those in Nigeria

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Especially with the stress that comes with living in Nigeria

It’s not something you do everyday so why not? Feel what it’s like to feel stress leave your body and have your head cleared. Treat yourself, you deserve it!

4. Nothing wrong with being a tourist in your own town. Don’t worry, it’ll make sense

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There are so many fun things to do around that you’re probably taking for granted

Go to all the places that people visiting your town would go and act like you don’t know your way around. You’ll definitely enjoy this one more with a friend or your whole squad. Imagine asking for the transport fare and the driver tries to cheat you!

5. Visit your village… and no, the scary witches will not follow you

Image result for local africa village hd images
Where you get to rear animals and see people you don’t know but know your entire history

When last have you gone home? Not that home but THAT home. The one your ancestors came from? You don’t have to go for a week, you don’t even have to stay overnight. Just do it for the dying culture.

6. Attend a concert… yes, the one you have to pay for

Image result for wizkid in concert hd images
Make it a duty to catch fun at a concert

Let this summer be different. For once, don’t watch highlights of major shows on Hip TV and EbonyLife. Pay the expensive ticket, get dressed up, go slay and have a great time.

The money will still finish, you might as well spend it.

7. Wear a waist purse!

Image result for olamide wo video hd images
Even Olamide does

If Olamide can rock it, why can’t you?

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