She Stays Winning: Serena Williams Is Getting A Nike World Headquarters Building Named After Her

She Stays Winning: Serena Williams Is Getting A Nike World Headquarters Building Named After Her

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By Tosin Olakotan

Banker turned filmmaker, born to the family of the popular Yoruba film producer Ade-love, Kunle Afolayan shares his experience with NET on his life as a film maker and his recent movie Phone Swap.

Has your family background affected your career in any way?

You mean my father? I think it has enhanced it, and that was probably what put the thought in my head. My fathers’ name has paved the way for me and helped me get to where I am now.

You are considered as one of the best Nollywood filmmakers, how do you feel about that?

I think I have worked hard and it’s just the beginning for me. What I have done is take the right step in the right direction.

What was your first experience as an actor like?

It was a nice feeling because I worked with one of the best hands in Nigeria, Mr Tunde Kelani, a core professional in film making

What prompted your decision to begin acting from your former career in banking?

It’s simply because I realized I can actually make myself more useful in the area of audio visual.

How hard has it being combating piracy?

Well, piracy in Nigeria is huge, but we are relying on government intervention to help eradicate piracy, because that is the only hope. Without this being done, I see this industry crumble, and I just hope that won’t happen.

How do you feel about the recognition Phone Swap has gotten so far?

I’m glad the film received nominations, but I’m concentrating on the theatrical release so we can show the world there is a big market here in the country.

Some said your film just premiered and shouldn’t be on the nomination list. Any comment on that?

How can it not be on nomination list? For awards, you submit a director’s cut, so, why wouldn’t it be on the nomination list? In fact, when ‘Figurine‘ got all those nominations, it wasn’t even released yet. It’s not about when the film is released; it’s about the director’s cut. You can submit your film to the award organizers for award consideration even before theatrical release.

What’s next for you after Phone Swap?

We are working on other projects but we are focusing on gaining our investment from Phone swap, then we’ll take it from there.

In your industry, who have you enjoyed working with most?

I have enjoyed working with everybody and I’d like to work with them again. In Phone Swap, I worked with most of the crew I worked with in Figurine, and that’s because of the level of understanding between us. I don’t really have any favourites.

Which of your films do you like most?

My films are different genres; Irapada is a drama, Figurine is a thriller, and Phone Swap is a comedy-drama, so they are all different and that makes it difficult to choose. I’m just happy all of the films are award winning films.

What do you do for leisure?

I do sport. I play basketball once in a while, I listen to music, mostly African music and I watch work related films but most of the time, I am at work.

Fame and women, how do you manage both?

There is nothing to manage. I don’t see myself as a celebrity, I see myself as a common man, which is why I don’t bother my head about driving the best car, living in the best posh house, its more about what I can afford and what I have passion for.

Who is your favourite musician?

There are so many of them. I love Lagbaja, I love Beautiful Nubia, I love 2face, and I love 9ice, M.I, Pasuma, Obesere….as long as it’s African.

Why is your brother Gabriel Afolayan not in your movies?

Why should he be if there is no role for him? Check all my films and see if there is any role he can play. I can’t afford to cast him just because he is my brother. For me it has to be done well. When we have a story any of my brothers can feature in, they will be the first to be called, because they are talented as well, so it has more to do with doing the right casting.

Do you see your brothers attaining the same level in the industry as yours in the future?

His name is Gabriel, my name is Kunle. We are not the same. Aremu is also not the same as me, but once you have talent, some luck, and God on your side, you will be where you are supposed to be. There are many talents out there, and they struggle for years. I just do my things my own way, no competition. It’s a very big industry and we all can fit in.

What do you have to say to your fans?

My message to my fans is that they should keep patronizing us and they should stop patronizing pirated copies of our films. They should go to the cinema to support Phone Swap, which is releasing on the 30th of this month in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Uyo and Enugu.

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Sports brand Nike is planning to extend its campus in Beaverton Ore with four new buildings with biggest will named after award-winning American tennis player, Serena Williams.

The tennis star took to her Instagram page to announce the great achievement saying she is honored and grateful.

The new mum wrote:

What a year it has been. First a grand slam win followed by a awesome baby… than the most magical wedding. What next? How about a building!!… Nike announced yesterday that one of its new world headquarters buildings will be named after me. It will be the biggest on campus and is scheduled to open in 2019. I am honored and grateful! #TeamNike @nike

The building is to cover more than one million square feet and it is expected to be opened in 2019.

Other buildings will be named after two-time Olympic gold medal runner Sebastian Coe and five-time national champion winning coach Mike Krzyzewski while a new parking garage celebrates the sporting heritage of New York City.

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