Single and ‘Baeless’? Here Is How You Can Spend Your Valentine

Single and ‘Baeless’? Here Is How You Can Spend Your Valentine

By Gift Wogu

Its that season of the year where love is in the air so if you are single, and you are sad because you are going to spend your Valentine alone, get in here.

So, your friends are going out with their lovers, some of them are already on their way to Dubai, Paris or even nearby Cotonou to spend quality time with their lovers this period but you are in your house asking God questions. Your new year resolution was never to spend this year’s valentine alone, but it’s about to go down and nobody has said ‘hi’ to you this year. Calm down, read this piece cos we got you covered.

We have made a list of five ways to spend your valentine if you are single.

  1. Go see a movie – There are a lot of beautiful movies in the cinema this period. Beautiful movies about love that will make you awwww! Yes, you don’t have a boo, but the movie can take your mind away from that reality that you are single for a little while and give you happiness.
  2. Visit the beach – We know this sounds awkward, but it’s a nice idea. Go to the beach alone. You won’t die we promise. Talk a walk; let the sea breeze fill you up. Throw all your problems into the beach and allow nature to give you the romance that your boyfriend/girlfriend was supposed to give you.
  3. Go for a massage -There is a kind of orgasm that proper massages give. If you have not experienced that kind of orgasm before, go for a massage and you might just experience it. If you are a working class, close early and go straight to a spa.
  4. Read a novel – Look for any novels that serve fresh and undiluted romance. Bury yourself in it and shut the world out. You will be glad you did.
  5. Close early and go to bed on time – Remember health is wealth. So if you can, ask for an early closure from work and just go home, take a cool or hot bath, wear a nice perfume, get tucked in your bed and just SLEEP! You cannot come and kill yourself and go and die because you don’t have a man or a woman in your life yet.

Bonus Tip: So the current season of Big Brother Naija and follow the hashtag on Twitter. You are going to laugh and fall off your seat. Follow thenetng for interesting videos too. Life has not ended and it will not end anytime soon because you don’t have a boo. Cheer up, nobody is going to give you lame gifts like Boxers, singlet, cards and flowers this year.

Happy Valentine.

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