Six Things Love Should Never Make You Do

Six Things Love Should Never Make You Do

By 234 Star

They say love is blind, love is sweet and all, but in all of these, it’s important not to lose your head in love.

Here is a list of 6 things a woman should never do or be in love.

1. Compromising your standards: Just so you know, your standards define you and it’s really unacceptable when someone tries to make you compromise to please them. They’re simply telling you, you’re not enough.
Get you a man who shares or at the very least, respects your standards. It might take a while but you will definitely find him.

2. Changing your appearance: It is very normal for a woman to want to look beautiful for her man and this demands a little extra time on makeup, outfit and hairdo.
Nevertheless, you should feel confident always either with the beautiful makeover or a makeup free face and never be made to feel like less of a woman because of your natural beauty.

3. Be submissive: It is important to be submissive but it applies to the man as much as it does the woman. In a relationship, both of you are equal partners. You are independent adults with different views, opinions and ways of doing things.
It is important to work together which might involve adopting new habits and sacrifices, but then one person should NEVER always be on the bending side to the will of the other.

4. Hide your intellect: I’ve heard women say they choose to act dumb just to keep their relationship. Hello??? Yes, you should try not to be an oversabi, but never ever hide your intelligence in order to stroke a man’s ego. Share your opinions, make suggestions.
Men are attracted to women who are intelligent, confident and independent, so don’t be helpless and dumb because TBH there’s nothing more unattractive.

5. Starve yourself: So I heard a story about a girl who is a size 12 and decided to starve herself to trim down because her man said she’s too big. She managed to get down to size 10 only to find out her husband was cheating on her. 😂😂😂 Painful I know.
Now let me tell you, men are not attracted to one body type. If one doesn’t appreciate your size, another will. Never starve yourself just because you want your man to appreciate you. If a man is in love with you, he’s in love with your body, soul and all so if you must reduce please, do it for YOURSELF! Otherwise, eat that chocolate and stay beautiful hun.

6. Give up on your dreams: Don’t sacrifice all your dreams for a man in the name of love. Get you a man that encourages and supports you to live your dreams. If you find your real man, you won’t be faced with the challenge of choosing between your man and your dreams.
Get your man, live your dreams, aim high, slay and let the sky be your starting point baby girl!

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