Six ways to get over your ex-boyfriend

Six ways to get over your ex-boyfriend

By Zainab Sadiku

You’ve got to move on baby girl

There’s no doubt the end of a relationship hurts a lot, especially when that person is who you thought of spending the rest of your life with.

Even if you weren’t feeling that love anymore, you still miss having that person in your life. Regardless of this, you have to pick yourself up and move on.

Although that won’t be so easy, here are ways that can help you through.

Think of things that’ll help you move on

1. Stop feeling sorry for yourself: No matter what went wrong you need to stop thinking about what you should have done better or what you didn’t do right, better still think of things that will help you move on.

2. Get rid of every reminder of him: Stop hoarding the things he got for you, give them out, gifts, cards or anything that might remind you of him, delete all pictures, messages or videos of you both together, this can be really hard to do but you don’t need that sort of attachment.

Let go

3. Start thinking of yourself: Get out of that bed and do something good with your life, or find something you enjoy doing to get yourself busy. if you could get someone you liked that much before then definitely someone better will come your way.

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When you realise it’s months before the next season of your favourite show

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Don’t wallow in sorrow

4. Hang out with friends: To help you think about him less, go out more often or get surrounded by people or things that might help take your mind off your ex.

5. Quit stalking him: Stop going through any of his pages on social media platforms, keeping up with his life will never help you heal, trying to know if he has a new girl and all will only get you depressed and if you feel you can’t help yourself then it’s best you block him.

Leave him alone and leave your life

6. Stop talking about him: Even if your friends bring up conversations about how much he hurt you or how he has moved on with some other girl, try avoiding talks like that because it never gets anywhere no matter how much you talk about it, the situation doesn’t change.

Certain situations are just impossible to fix, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wish them well, you should. This is someone that once meant a lot to you, it is only important to remember that no matter how you are feeling right now, you will be fine eventually.

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