“So She Lied About Her Engagement” & Other Reactions Trail Linda Ikeji’s Epistle

“So She Lied About Her Engagement” & Other Reactions Trail Linda Ikeji’s Epistle

By 234 Star

Linda Ikeji finally came clean about the circumstances surrounding the birth of her son and the internet is currently having a field day.

People are questioning everything from her “engagement” back in March which was announced by her sisters on Instagram, to her allegedly putting up her Banana Island house for sale because she was moving into her husband’s house.

See some of the reactions below.

Lmao Linda Ikeji has turned shalaye fc
She’s now saying ‘you know how life can be’
Lmao you no know how life be when you used to drag and mock people for doing same

— P. Diddy (@BadmanSophss) December 14, 2018

Wait I just remembered how Linda said she put her house on sale last year because she was moving to her husband’s house 😭😭😭😭😭😭

— Chinny Ugegbe Oyibo (@Nwanlecha1) December 14, 2018

She’s bragging, confessing, slut shaming, pick me-ising, second guessing, negotiating, self patronizing and still being hypocritical af in one breath. Iconic.

— Daddy ‘Code (@Cohannnnn) December 14, 2018

But what happened to the ring? The documentary doesn’t mention it.

— Spicy Bae (@GinaFatale) December 14, 2018

Annie, Pero and Sumbo reading this shalaye … pic.twitter.com/c1rTjTFwLU

— Abike (@Jollz) December 14, 2018

Linda Ikeji should have tweeted “I’m not a slut like other single baby mamas sleeping around for money. Ps. I’m rich bitch” and saved everybody some time.

— Ozzy Etomi (@ozzyetomi) December 14, 2018

Everything Linda Ikeji has mocked and shamed people for in their lives, she has done.

— Joey Akan (@JoeyAkan) December 14, 2018

Linda Ikeji said she fell pregnant. It’s like people are falling into pregnancy these days oo. Please let everyone be careful. The land is slippery pic.twitter.com/dXSN3hzRJQ

— Prince Jacob (@PrinceChi10) December 14, 2018

My problem with Linda Ikeji is this Holier than thou attitude.

From talking about celibacy to getting pregnant.

From mocking a baby mama to becoming a baby mama.

From saying she will never sleep with married man, to…. maybe ending up as 2nd wife.

She needs to chill.

— Sally (@is_salsu) December 14, 2018

Linda ikeji will not kill somebody lmaoooo.
Chopping preek on the low for 3 solid years while forming celibate and castigating babes who ‘ sleep around’

— chilli chilliii❤ (@epmib) December 14, 2018

But I thought one time Linda ikeji was engaged and was wearing engagement ring,did she engage herself ? ‘Cause there was no point she said “and he proposed” in that stuff she wrote

— 👑Mimitracy (@T_oluwani) December 14, 2018

So Linda Ikeji faked the engagement and marriage thing?
Lmao, just because you didn’t want people to know you were doing what you were criticizing people of.

— LamLam (@MideMicheals) December 14, 2018

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