Somebody Needs To Inform Caroline Danjuma: Thirty Shots Of Tequila Will DEFINITELY Kill You

Somebody Needs To Inform Caroline Danjuma: Thirty Shots Of Tequila Will DEFINITELY Kill You

By Joan Omionawele

Few hours ago, Caroline Danjuma– who was the first to publicly mourn a certain Tagbo said to be an associate of Davido’s- granted a lengthy interview to gossip site SDK.

The long and short of her point was that one, Davido may not have actually killed the Tagbo; but consequent of his less than ideal actions after his friend’s death, he knows more than he’s saying. (Davido’s only comment was that he would not comment out of respect to Tagbo’s family.)

The second, and quite bewildering point of hers was that: Tagbo was a light drinker who could not drink more than Hennessy and cranberry but only partied with his friends because it was his 30th birthday, ONLY drank 30 shots of tequila. In her exact words, ‘Those who drink tequila should come out and confirm if 30 shots of tequila is strong enough to kill..’

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There’s no need debating if late Tagbo drank 30 or 15 shots. What is important to know is that: thirty shots of tequila will DEFINITELY kill you- and you don’t have to be a doctor to know that. But just to be sure, NET reached out to a UK based medical practitioner. Her reply was close to our guesstimate: ‘That is too much, especially if the person has low threshold for more than 40percent alcohol.’

For many alcohol drinkers, the matter of ‘threshold’ and ‘tolerance’ is a much discussed one. Some would tell you they can hold four to five bottles of beer without incident. Science says that may not have an immediate effect on the drinker but drinking such copious amounts of alcohol certainly has long term implications.

In this case, Caroline may have been trying to downplay the role of the tequila shots her boyfriend reportedly consuming. Trimming fifty shots down to thirty does her- nor he- any favours. That was an incredibly dangerous thing to do. A less charitable individual may have used the word ‘stupid’.

Tagbo is not the first to drink celebratory shots of tequila and suffer the worst consequence for it. A Dominican Republic man had a $630 bet with his friends at a nightclub to finish a bottle of tequila. He did finish it but it finished him: no sooner than he collected the money that he collapsed and died. He never even regained consciousness.

John Bonham from the legendary British rock group Led Zeppelin reported consumed about 40 shots of vodka the day he died.

But what are the figures: tequila typically contains 30-50% alcohol, depending on the brand. One shot is equivalent to 44 ml of alcohol. And that’s just one shot. If you were drinking beer, you’d have had NINE times as much. NINE.

Going by Caroline Danjuma’s logic, thirty shots of tequila in one straight go is tantamount to suicide.

Binge drinking almost always results in alcohol poisoning. 10 shots of tequila in one hour would have been irresponsible. Thirty is totally out of order. Tagbo certainly would have started feeling the effects few minutes after he was done.

According to a research by the University of Washington, a 70 kg man would have a serious case of alcohol poisoning if he consumed around 15 shots of tequila within a three to four hour period. Bradley McCue, a student of the University of Michigan was found unconscious by police with ’24 shots’ written on his forehead by his friends who had taken him out to celebrate his 21st birthday. He later died. Witnesses said he had the drinks over a a two hour period. An autopsy revealed he had had a blood alcohol level of 0.44 percent. ‘When people who weigh 160 pounds (70kg) take a single drink, their blood alcohol level rises .025 percent, on average’ says the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation website.

There’s no doubt that Tagbo’s night out would have been lethal. Could he have been rescued if he was rushed to the hospital? Possibly. Would he have died eventually? Possibly. From reports, he was already dead by the time Davido and his crew ‘dumped’ him at the hospital.

Sadly Tagbo is no longer here to say if he took three shots or thirty. But Caroline Danjuma needs to hush: thirty shots of any drink is nothing to be proud of or defend the way she’s attempting to do.

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