Teyana Taylor channeled 90’s Janet Jackson at the #VMAs and absolutely nailed it

Teyana Taylor channeled 90’s Janet Jackson at the #VMAs and absolutely nailed it

By Njideka Akabogu

22 years apart, same style

Teyana Taylor showed up the 2017 MTV VMAs channeling Janet Jackson‘s look to the same award show 22 years ago and even more interesting, she won in the same category as Janet did that same year.

Taylor, who came in the company of her husband and daughter, looked just as amazing as Janet did in 1995, wearing a white cropped tee, black pants and a short hairdo.

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By Osagie Alonge

Jumobi and RMD at the actor's 50th birthday celebration

Jumobi Adegbesan-Damijo, wife to veteran Nigerian actor Richard Mofe-Damijo has turned 40.

Jumobi who tied the knot with hubby Richard on Friday 29 December 2000 after dating him for three and a half years was once a presenter at Africa Independent Television (AIT).

The couple are blessed with four children.

My wife Jumobi turned 40 today and it’s a happy day for the entire family. Please quell the rumours. Have a good night‘, the actor who was recently involved in a ghastly motor accident tweeted hours ago.

RMD, who is the Delta State commissioner for Culture and Tourism, had once been married to foremost journalist, publisher and TV host, the late MEE Mofe–Damijo who passed away on Saturday, March 23, 1996.

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She was at the VMAs with her husband and daughter

She won the Best Choreography award for her awe-inspiring performance in Kanye West‘s ‘Fade’ video while back in 1995, Janet took home the same award for her ‘Scream’ video.

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By Damilola Olaoye

Uche Jombo’s rise to Nollywood stardom is just like any other successful actress’; not-so-easy beginnings to becoming a screen siren. But Jombo has gone a little further by taking on bigger roles – writing and producing her own movies.

Our reporter recently caught up with the Abia State-born actress as she talked about her early beginnings in Nollywood, the Fuel subsidy removal and her relationship with Super Eagles footballer Uche Ikechukwu. Read on

How did you begin your acting career?

It was by accident; I was in the right place at the right time. I went to deliver a letter at an office and there was an audition going on there. I was to be speaking for someone who was there for an audition, I eventually read a script and left there that day with a role.

What made you decide to be an actress?

Actually, my secondary school fee for three years was paid by the church as a scholarship. I had probably played all the roles of the virtuous women in the Bible. It was the only knowledge I had about acting back then. When acting was tossed upon me at that time, I was challenged because they were like, I can’t act and I was like I can act. But luckily for me, when it comes to acting, you learn on the job. You stop learning when you die, when you retire or when you say you are not acting anymore. For every work, you are as good as your last job; you learn how to go along. So, I’m still in school.

What movie gave you that big break?

I would say both as a script writer and as an actress, the movie that redirected my career was ‘Games Men Play‘. It was after that people started looking at me in a different light. I was no longer type-cast as ‘the brat’ or’ the bitch’ and it was also the first time that I played the role of a housewife. It kind of just balanced it up.

Can you tell us about your movie ‘Holding Hope’?

It’s coming out soon. It is a project that was born out of the desire to start to do the kind of movie that an ordinary person will relate to. The ‘Holding Hope‘ story was stolen from three lives. One of them I met personally, it is the merging of a story that I and Emem Isong had which we infused together.

How did you feel when you decided to shave off your hair for that movie?

It was a great challenge. One of the persons the movie was based on, I met her personally. [From seeing]Her before and after pictures she [went from] a size 16 to nothing. As at the time that I was talking to her, she already did chemotherapy three times. She was the character we stole the strength of hope from; she was an extra-ordinary human being. I met her on a flight. I had like a seven hour transit and I spent six hours plus talking to her.

What motivated you to go into producing your own movies?

Being a producer gives you a voice, not to just be the person handed scripts to. It gives you a voice to play out the kind of films you generally want to watch; also the opportunity to invest in the kind of films you would go to watch.


Apart from acting what other things do you do?

I own a studio; I’m a producer and a writer. I also have other side businesses here and there. I’m basically a business woman.

Please tell us a bit about your background;

I grew up in Aba and Lagos. I was born in Enugu and I’m from Abia State- Abiriba. I come from a very large family. I was notorious while growing up, I was the one everybody knew her name, I was a difficult child. I did everything most teenagers do and probably much more. Do I regret my growing up? Hell no. It was all part of the process of bringing me where I am today, because we are really a product of our environment; it can shape you or it can destroy you.

What about your academic life?

I have a B.Sc. in Mathematics Statistics, a Post Graduate Degree in Computer Programming and I’m looking at doing my Masters. I am a supporter of education in life; self-education inclusive. It is very important.

Most cherished possession

It’s my mind.

Happiest moment

I have so many; it is difficult to pick one against another. I’m practically a happy person.

What was your relationship with Uche Ikechukwu (Super Eagles Footballer) like?

Have you seen or heard anywhere that I admitted I was dating him?

There have been lots of rumors about you dating him and the supposed break up, can you set the record straight?

I will rather let it remain that way; uncommented. It is one of those things that I will never comment on. Ever; like never with capital N.E.V.E.R. The last time I checked, it’s still my life, even though I can’t stop people from writing stuff about me because if I want to stop that, I will stop being in their faces. I don’t begrudge people but I have a right to choose the things to tell and things not to. This is one of the things I don’t wish to tell.

What is your stand on the fuel subsidy removal?

I think it was bad timing. For example, I’ve been running on fuel all day editing my work. I then take it to the theatre, I pay all the tax on the film, etc. All this money that I’m spending, how is it making my job as a film-maker in Nigeria easier? I think just give Nigerians the basic things; they are not lazy people, they will fend for themselves. For example, if I were from the Western world, doing an advocacy project, I will have grants. But nobody is asking for that. Just give me the freaking light. A lot of people misunderstood what the protest was all about, it is not about fighting the presidency or fighting the government. It’s about fighting for your right. It is about my right as a business woman having access to things that I’m supposed to have a right to and to know the things that I’m spending the excess money on and know how to cut it according to my budget. It’s quite simple. That’s how I was welcomed back to Nigeria with the news, I hustle go find money, I shoot film and I’m suffering this kind of bullshit.

What’s your opinion on the recent bombings that have been happening?

I would say that’s not who we are as a people. We are not a self-destructive people. It’s not our culture.

Can you tell us about the movie ‘Damage’ that you are working on?

I had an idea to do short films for festivals, which was the original dream. There’s still a short film version for ‘Damage’ though. The movie is a trilogy; the idea is the main thing that has been done before but the other way round. The part of family violence – the common cases we have is that of wife battery, I wanted to look at it the other way round. For ‘My life, my damage’- when they want to talk about HIV they always bring sex into it, but I wanted to look at it from the drug angle, when you share needles. The trilogy has no actors in common but they have the self-damaged factor in common.


How do you connect with your fans?

I’m on twitter myself; I communicate to them through tweets.

What should your fans expect from you this year?

Better movies and a better me, in terms of acting, production and all that I stand for. Like I said, I’m in a job that totally encourages growth. So I learn every day.

Do you have projects for younger people coming up?

In Uche Jumbo Studios, I work only with young people. So, all the projects I’ve had are geared towards helping the younger generation to those who truly deserve it.

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She got an award for her performance in Kanye’s ‘Fade’ video

<img data-attachment-id="29930" data-permalink="http://thenet.ng/2012/01/29924-revision-2/" data-orig-file="" data-orig-size="" data-comments-opened="1" data-image-meta="[]" data-image-title="Nigerian Idol: Group 3 Finalists Emerge!" data-image-description='

By Osagie Alonge

Mecinda, Diwari Peterside and A.Y.O

The Nigerian Idol show is gradually heating up as the final 12 contestants have almost been selected.

Three more contestants from the third group – Diwari Peterside, A.Y.O and Mecinda have been chosen from Group 3 after a tension-filled announcement was made by show host IllRhymes.

They all deserve to make it to the final stage, if you ask me‘, one of the show’s judges Yinka Davies said.

The lucky three will now join the former six contestants – Giami Lynda, Deborah Ibinabo Romeo, Adum Oboni Honey, Najite El-David, Nneka Njoku and Ugwuadu Chinedu.

So quest to the find three more contestants continues but there’s a twist to it; the judges have been allowed to pick two wildcards while you at home can choose one. So will it be?

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This wouldn’t be the first time Teyana will be showing her love for the 51-year-old singer by copying her. Back in 2012, she recreated Janet’s iconic 1993 Rolling Stone cover.

Jackson’s Rolling Stone cover and Teyana’s replica of the shot

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