The beauty of this love of ours

The beauty of this love of ours

By Binyelum Ewulluh

She looked at him from where she stood and smiled widely. He smiled back and her heart melted. He was definitely the one, she thought as she walked towards him with her sexy sway that still managed to get him. He watched her reach him with a proud smile, leaning close to whisper in her ear, ‘You’re the most beautiful thing I have ever laid eyes on.’

She giggled like an infatuated school girl. Even though she knew how untrue it was, she still fell deeper at that moment. He was so perfect to her.

He wasn’t the typical tall, dark and handsome that her teenage mind always imagined, but he was everything she ever wanted, kind, soft-spoken, patient and intelligent.

‘Hey gorgeous,’ she said with all her heart in her eyes, stretching up to his height, and giving him the most spontaneous kiss ever. She was usually more shy, leaving him to make the first move.

She knew he wanted her to be more flirtatious and impulsive, but at the same time, she knew that he found her shy smiles endearing. He never stopped telling her how much he adored her. Oh yes, she’d had her doubts initially, but there were some things that just couldn’t be faked for so long. She knew her love was equally returned.

‘Let’s fall in love together,’ he’d always tell her with that mischievous smile of his, that smile that could melt the coldest of hearts. She found everything about him cute, even his outrageous dress sense was adorable to her. She wondered everyday how she got to be blessed with this amazing guy.

She looked at him and asked, ‘Do you know how much you mean to me?’

‘I think I have an idea,’ he said suddenly looking very somber.

She looked away then, a troubled expression entering her eyes. He lifted her chin and searched her face, his thumb caressing her lower lip distractedly.

‘What’s wrong, baby?’ he asked seriously. ‘We’re still kinda young. How long do you think we can stay in love without getting tired of each other?

‘I mean, we still have like there’s like 60 years to go. You don’t think we would have fallen out of love before then?’ she asked, lifting her face up to meet his eyes.

He smiled and gave her a long kiss on her forehead.

He gave her a sweet forehead kiss

’80,’ he joked.

She smiled suddenly, ‘Silly,’ she said, hitting his shoulder playfully.

His expression turned serious again. ‘My darling,’ he said, taking her two hands and looking deep in her eyes, ‘What we have isn’t just love. It’s a miracle. We’ll never stop loving each other. Oh yes, there will be difficult times along the way, times we’ll fight and say nasty stuff to each other, times we both might get bored, and stop feeling so giddy about one another.

‘But what I feel for you, this love that is in my heart, will never ever die. It’s the realest thing I’ve ever felt. You, my beautiful, gorgeous, dainty princess, are the most amazing person I have ever met.

‘I hold you in the highest esteem, and I think you’re something really really special. I could probably go on, but I’m sure I won’t be telling you anything I haven’t already.’

She felt the tears then, she saw the moment he noticed them. He grinned and kissed her forehead again, he knew how much she loved that, ‘My beautiful cry-baby,’ he said playfully.

‘Babe, I love you so so so so much,’ she whispered. Unable to say much, she gave him the tightest hug ever, never wanting to let go.

‘I love you too, my angel,’ she heard him say into her hair as he held her tightly to him.

She smiled. She was the happiest woman in the world. They drew apart, smiled at each other and started walking to his car, fingers entwined.
Dear Lord, please help us get this right, she prayed silently.

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