The Internet Reacts To Bill Cosby’s Conviction For Sexual Assault

The Internet Reacts To Bill Cosby’s Conviction For Sexual Assault

By 234 Star

Yesterday, American actor Bill Cosby was declared guilty on all three counts of drugging and sexually assaulting a woman named Andrea Constand in 2004. Andrea had said Cosby had given her pills in his suburban Pennsylvania home that left her incapacitated and then molested her.

The conviction is seen as a sort of vindication for the 62 women who have accused the once respected actor of different forms of sexual assault.

Cosby, 80, could face up to 10 years in prison for each of the three counts against him.

The news of his conviction was met with a lot of cheers on social media. See some of the reactions below.

In a fitting end to Sexual Assault Awareness month, Bill Cosby was found guilty today. Thinking of all the women he traumatized over the past 50 years. As a survivor myself, I know that pain never fully goes away. But I hope that his victims finally feel some semblance of peace.

— Padma Lakshmi (@PadmaLakshmi) April 26, 2018

Cosby is guilty. I’m sorry if you loved a lie. His victims can now exhale. Thank you judge and jury. Thank you society for waking up.

— rose mcgowan (@rosemcgowan) April 26, 2018

Cosby guilty of sexual assault. This is such a huge milestone, and shows how impactful the #MeToo movement has been. We like to think justice is blind, but juries are made up of our peers – who are shaped by culture and long-held assumptions. So many of those have been upended.

— Jill Filipovic (@JillFilipovic) April 26, 2018

It took over 50 women to break the unfortunate silence & shame that often comes from being sexually assaulted to get this conviction. They were called liars, whores and worse… today is THEIR day. Thank you for your courage, your voice, and your perseverance. #MeToo #BillCosby

— DanielleMoodie-Mills (@DeeTwoCents) April 26, 2018

The question now remains– how long will it take for the current Misogynist and Sexual Assaulter-in-Chief to be convicted for his crimes against women? #MeToo should count for PRESIDENTS too! @realDonaldTrump

— DanielleMoodie-Mills (@DeeTwoCents) April 26, 2018

A guilty verdict in the Bill Cosby case is telling. There’s a reason the women are weeping with joy — they’ve been HEARD and BELIEVED after years of neither. The world is very different now than it was even a few years ago when the allegations against Cosby became very public.

— Emma Gray (@emmaladyrose) April 26, 2018

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