The Real Reason I Wrote ‘Letter To MI’- King Kead

The Real Reason I Wrote ‘Letter To MI’- King Kead

By Joan Omionawele

The dust may have settled a little now but the recent controversy surrounding MI and Loose Talk podcast was started by a rising rapper King Kead who recorded a track titled ‘Letter to MI’

King Kead was at NET TV to talk about his career and the track which MI took umbrage with. He told us why he wrote the song.

‘A lot of things went wrong in Chocolate City and his quality of music had dropped so I felt I should reach out to him through my music’.

He was challenged by our journalists who wanted to know how he could say that as a matter-of-factly, being an outsider.

‘MI signed some artistes who were my friends and I heard he was trying to make some artistes conform to a particular sound. But when they could not conform, things went wrong between them’, he replied.

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