The Ugly Pencil Sketch Trend Of Nigerian Celebrities

The Ugly Pencil Sketch Trend Of Nigerian Celebrities

By Gift Wogu

The ‘ugly pencil sketch’ art trend of Nigerian celebrities seems like its here to stay. Before now, sharing a photo of an ugly and horrible pencil sketch or photo of a Nigerian Celebrity will result in that celebrity coming for the artistes. It has happened in the past as most Nigerian celebrities are known to be heavy clapback kings and queens on social media.These days, its different. Social media ‘artists’ now boldly draw and post these humorous sketches of celebrities and they even go as far as tagging them to the post. They take existing photos of these celebrities and create very funny looking sketches with little or no semblance to the main photograph. Popular among these social media artists is Zed Amu with the Instagram handle @naijacelebrityartist and @_realpic.

However, it would seem that most the celebrities are actually pleased with these drawings and see the sense in the humor in this trending art. This is probably because the artists write lovely things about the celebrities to go with the sketches or our celebrities are not as angry as they used to be anymore. Some even go on to repost them via their social media handles to help it go more viral. They’ve probably realized that it’s never that serious and perhaps agree that art is subjective.

What’s your view about this trend?

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