These 4 Bad Habits Can Ruin Your Sex Life

These 4 Bad Habits Can Ruin Your Sex Life

By Diamond-Hope Kingston

We all love to have thriving sex lives but sometimes, without conscious effort put towards it, we end up losing the spark.

These four bad habits can lead to your sex life being something less than fulfilling.

1) Letting your sex routine get so comfortable

It is necessary that you and your partner switch things up every now and then. Whether it’s by introducing toys in the bedroom or changing location of sex, it’s a great way to keep things fun and new between you both.

2) Skipping on sex

Life can become overwhelming and the busy nature of your careers can lead to you skipping sex. While skipping sex to get some rest isn’t necessarily a bad thing, letting it become a regular occurrence will make your sex life, and subsequently your relationship, suffer.

3) Not telling your partner something turned you on

If something is really working for you, let your partner know. Additionally, remind your partner how hot he or she is. Having more sex and better sex first requires feeling good about yourself.

4) Expecting the other person to always initiate

There are plenty of ways to let your partner know you’re interested in having sex. Don’t just sit around and wait for him or her to come to you. If you’re the one who always has to get things going, say something. Let your partner know it feels good to feel wanted. You’ll find that this simple change of pace can really up bedroom morale.

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