This Is How Nigerians Dragged The Hell Out Of Mr Eazi On Twitter

This Is How Nigerians Dragged The Hell Out Of Mr Eazi On Twitter

By Tosin Olakotan

The best way to make sure you have no say on social media again is to attack any Nigerians take pride. That will likely be the end of your fame on social media, especially Twitter.

Mr Eazi is the latest victim of Nigeria’s whip on social media, after his video where he claimed Nigeria musician uses Ghana sound for quick hits.

Here are top funny tweets from Nigerians on twitter after the video went viral.

Mr. Eazi should ask Iceprince how he turned to Waterprince. The ice melted when Nigerians switched off the fridge.

— Muhammad Goje™ (@Mr_goje) September 10, 2017

Wizkid be like “lookat this Mr Eazi, foolish boy. You think it’s me that’ll buy ur songs?”

— BILLION (@BillionTwiTs) September 10, 2017

It’s just sad that people on Facebook will hear about the Mr Eazi banter next week 😂

— DADDY THE FATHER (@SemilooreAkoni) September 11, 2017

Who’s more relevant to d Nigerian music industry ATM?

RT for Goat, Like for Mr Eazi

— BILLION (@BillionTwiTs) September 10, 2017

Mr Eazi : I should thank Lola for distracting this people for me

— Tony💯 (@Ayid_bdg) September 12, 2017

I use God Name BEG u..don’t ever make such comparison again.puff-puff and Mr Eazi? Puff-Puff saves my life in secondary school

— Jeos (@jeosbaba) September 12, 2017

Mr Eazi when he wakes up to see Nigerians dragging Aunty Lola not him at the moment.

— The Uncensored🇳🇬 (@Eldino_09) September 12, 2017

I didn’t know Mr Eazi was a musician till yesterday.. I hear he looks up to Harrysong?

— village people (@ScribeChideh) September 12, 2017

Me I cannot sincerely blame Mr Eazi since he’s used to covering his sense with farmer hat!

— KRONOS II (@IamTheZeus) September 12, 2017

Let’s settle this once and for all😕😕

RT for pure bliss
Like for Mr eazi

— Winter is here (@UncleCharles_) September 12, 2017

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