This Twitter User Is Really Angry That DJ Cuppy Called Nigeria “The Greatest Nation”

This Twitter User Is Really Angry That DJ Cuppy Called Nigeria “The Greatest Nation”

By Onyinye Ugwu

King Wole, a very vocal Twitter user who usually comments on music and sports wasn’t so pleased with DJ Cuppy and he wants her to know.

For the recently marked 58th anniversary of Nigeria’s Independence, the billionaire heiress tweeted her love for the country with this tweet that says, “Today, we experience the joy and pride of being called NIGERIANS! The greatest nation.”

Today, we experience the joy and pride of being called NIGERIANS! The greatest nation. 🇳🇬 #NigeriaAt58⁠ ⁠ #NigerianIndependeceDay

— Cuppy (@cuppymusic) October 1, 2018

King Wole didn’t like it and he let her know by calling her declaration “an insult to the everyday Nigerian” because “Cuppy belongs to the 0.5% mega-privileged” class.

And then he goes on to explain why Nigeria is a really terrible place.

I get really angry every year when October 1 comes around because what you see is Nigerians who refuse to say the truth about what a messed up country it really is.

How do you go about fixing something if you don’t admit it’s faulty? Are you not tired of these stupid lies?

— Wᴏʟᴇ́ (@Kingwole) October 2, 2018

People are struggling to eat, more families are sliding into poverty on a daily basis than one can even imagine, going out to work and coming back home is a miracle, the President and people around him are too busy focusing on re-election to worry about anything else…

— Wᴏʟᴇ́ (@Kingwole) October 2, 2018

And you, the child of one of the richest men in the country, who has studied abroad, lived abroad, visited multiple first world counties, can fix your fingers to call it “The Greatest”?

Does it mean you are happy with the way Nigeria is? DFPMO!

— Wᴏʟᴇ́ (@Kingwole) October 2, 2018

I don’t care who gets offended by this. Someone close to her has to start talking to her about this shit. She’s always coming across as insensitive.

— Wᴏʟᴇ́ (@Kingwole) October 2, 2018

Nigerians have been shouting “Giant of Africa” since the 60s, while other African countries are actually developing into giants. But we come online to be boasting over irrelevant rubbish daily.

— Wᴏʟᴇ́ (@Kingwole) October 2, 2018

In time, other Twitter users joined him in telling DJ Cuppy to essentially be quiet, because she’s too rich to relate.

Sorry I disagree to that cuppy, I personally don’t see any joy or pride in being called a Nigerian::

— Martins (@nutimart02) October 1, 2018

Cuppy pls we are not enjoying anything, we are all just playing along… Pls if you are enjoying kindly speak for yourself… Thank you…

— Gidibwoi1952 (@AdeoluSavage) October 1, 2018

If not that I like you I would have insulted you please stop saying nonsense Nigeria no great , rich people are the ones enjoying it

— sharon 🇳🇬🇳🇬 (@sharonc15804130) October 1, 2018

A number of other people stepped in to defend her though, saying the situation of the country cannot be placed on her shoulders.

Despite the hatred towards Dj Cuppy by some of you the babe hasn’t even responded to any of you, she keeps doing her thing and staying focus to her hustle. Well, one day one day una go make am vex so tay she go call one of una broke na when some of una eyes go clear, rubbish !

— Icey (@ManLikeIcey) October 3, 2018

DJ Cuppy don’t have no say in the affairs of her country just because you feel she’s “privileged”?

When she was getting the “privilege”, what were you doing?

— Josh (@sire_liljosh) October 3, 2018

Despite the hate some of you dish out to DJ Cuppy on a regular, she has remained calm, unperturbed and never for once insulted anyone back. A Queen, I stan

— Mazi Olisaemeka ™ (@OlisaOsega) October 3, 2018

DJ Cuppy cannot be the cause of your misfortune. Channel your anger towards your favourite political leaders who can’t do any wrong. Their kids studied abroad too.

— Dr. Dípò (@OgbeniDipo) October 3, 2018

If DJ Cuppy had tweeted “Nigeria is the poverty headquarters of the entire world”, you guys would still call for her head.

This unnecessary cyber bullying has to stop. Work hard to give your kids a ‘privileged life’ too.

— Wale Adetona (@iSlimfit) October 3, 2018

Cuppy can’t be bothered either way. Not long ago she was dragged for saying she doesn’t care much for feminism.

The difference between your opinion and suya is that I asked for suya… 🥓 LOL.

— Cuppy (@cuppymusic) October 2, 2018

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