Throwback Time! See seven mobile phones that rocked 2007

Throwback Time! See seven mobile phones that rocked 2007

By Adeoluwa Atayero

An iPhone render. The next iPhone is expected later this month

With the next iPhone about to drop any day now, we cannot help but take a walk down memory lane and remember the phones that rocked our world 10 years ago.

Here are the 10 phones that made 2007 an amazing year in telecommunication history.

1. The iPhone

The iconic iPhone

That’s right. It’s been 10 years since Steve Jobs introduced the revolutionary mobile device to the world. The interface of the phone and its sleek design made the iPhone a game changer in 2007 and a tech favorite in 2017.

2. Motorola RAZR2 V9m


You may not know many people who still use Motorola today but it was a different story ten years ago. Motorola was one of the biggest phone brands on the planet and the RAZR2 was one of the coolest phones to own. How times have changed!

3. Nokia N95

Nokia n95

In 2007, PC Mag called Nokia N95 ‘the most powerful smartphone on the market today’. Why? Back then, the Nokia ‘smartphone’ was popular for its GPS and Wi-Fi functions. It was also one of the few phones that came unlocked back then. This was definitely one of the more memorable Nokia devices to hit the market.

4. BlackBerry 8300 Curve

One of the true legacy BB phones

You probably still have some friends that use BlackBerry phones and yes, you may still have a BBM account but one thing is for sure, you cannot compare the fan base that the BlackBerry has today with the one it had in 2007.

The BlackBerry was THE work phone of 2007 and the ‘Curve’ was the model to have. The small and cute body of the Curve coupled with its tiny keyboard gives us throwback chills all over.

5. Palm Centro


Like the BlackBerry, the Palm Centro, was popular among those worked in the corporate world. The difference between the Palm and the ‘Berry, however, was their advertisement.

They were one of the first brands to use viral videos in commercials and this won them a place in the hearts of the younger generation.

6. Samsung FlipShot SCH-U900

Its swivel design was an eye-catcher

This phone’s swivel design made it one of the coolest phones of the year. Not only did the phone have a side slider, but it also had a touch screen. The phone also had a speakerphone and a slot for an SD card. All these features in one phone? 2007 wasn’t ready.

7. Helio Ocean


Helio created the phone that every teenager wanted. Everything about the design and interface of the phone screamed youth.

The phone got the ultimate endorsement from Kim Kardashian when she was spotted using the device on an episode of ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians.’

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