Tips For Unrepentant Drug Users

Tips For Unrepentant Drug Users

By Temitope Adeiye


The issue of substance use and abuse has been a recurrent one for a while in Nigeria. There is a drug epidemic waiting to blow up in our faces because we have been pretending it doesn’t even exist.

In 2014, the World Drug Report listed Nigeria as the country with the highest rate of cannabis seizure. That’s for the quantity actually intercepted and seized: there are larger amounts that easily find their way into hands? This was three years ago; cannabis consumption has since become even more common. Its use has become more widely spread now and users openly talk about the benefits.

Few weeks ago, this Nigerian man shared in a Twitter thread how he almost died from drug overuse (tramadol, codeine, ropyhnol).

Anyway, since we seem to have accepted that drug (mis)use and substance abuse is the path to unlocking new levels of wokeness, the best thing you can do for yourself is to be as safe as you can when you use these substances.

Here are 7 tips for you:

  1. If it is a party, please go with your own stash. Whatever your poison is, obtain it from your regular, trusted source and go with it to your party. Obtaining (either by begging or purchasing) stuff at a party can be risky. You may think you’ve been smoking weed for a while and so you’re good. Until you’re given a strain that’s more potent than you’re used to. Or until you’re given weed that has been mixed with some other substance and you pass out.
  1. Again, a party is not the place to experiment. If you’re feeling adventurous and you want to try a drug you’ve never tried before just because it’s readily available. In fact, don’t try new substances anywhere except the safety of your house or somewhere equally as safe. For your own sake, don’t go trying our molly for the first time at a club or at the crib of some guy you’re randomly hanging out with.
  1. Don’t share. There have been many studies on the adverse effects of shisha but if you must smoke it or vape, anyway, don’t share a pipe, hookah or bong. Especially not with random strangers at a gathering. Some of the infectious diseases you can get from sharing a hookah are hepatitis, herpes and tuberculosis. With all the health implications of smoking shisha in the first place, you’d do well to avoid these as well.
  1. Don’t be greedy. Some people lose all sense of decorum and become gluttonous when they don’t have to pay for their own drinks or drugs. You already know your limits but because someone else is paying, you want to consume as much as possible. It’s a bad idea, don’t do it.
  1. Google is your friend. Before you start popping a cocktail of pills just because someone says it’d give you ‘man power’ or that it’d make you levitate, please research. Know the possible side effects of the drug(s) you’re about to use. Find out if it is contraindicated in some medication you are using already or a health condition you’re managing. If you just go popping pills blindly without any information, you may be one step away from a cardiac arrest.
  1. Don’t be cheapskate. Go big or go home. If you want to get high, do it right. Well, as right as it can be under the circumstances. Don’t go looking for high by sniffing toilet fumes or inhaling gum. Don’t go buying nameless drink from ponkirinyan sellers either. You might further reduce the life expectancy your already abused lungs, liver and kidneys by being a cheapskate.
  1. Be your own mixologist. If you like to mix up different substances, you better mix them yourself. Don’t go accepting someone else’s glass just because they say it’s lean. Mix it yourself and be sure that each ingredient is used in the correct proportion.

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