Twitter Triggers Nostalgia With ‘Remember When’ Tweets On Children’s Day

Twitter Triggers Nostalgia With ‘Remember When’ Tweets On Children’s Day

By Mofijesusewa Samuel

Since today is Children’s day, Twitter users have taken it upon themselves to take us down memory lane on some of the darnedest things we did as children. Below are some ‘remember when’ tweets that should get you reminiscing:

#Rememberwhen When we couldn’t wait to start using pen then in primary school 😁

— Adedoyin (@msadedoyin_) May 27, 2019

#RememberWhen they said we will die if we drink Garri after taking mango 🥭

— INSPIRÉ NIGERIA (@dekunle_Inspire) May 27, 2019

I #Rememberwhen this meant everything 😍

— Adeyemi Adele (@Vewyuglyboi) May 27, 2019

#RememberWhen this Biscuit was lit and that was all i wanted to eat

— Aşkìå Zåmåhnì ❤ (@iam_zamahni) May 27, 2019

#RememberWhen the big boys flirt with this video game

— Kamal Rahman (@KamalReturns) May 27, 2019

#RememberWhen speedy biscuit was 2 for 5 Naira 😫😫…. Good times

— Diadem (@nifemoo_) May 27, 2019

This was what we do for a living back then gone old days #RememberWhen

— Amej🌟 (@AmejAhlid) May 27, 2019

#RememberWhen Nigeria 🇳🇬 was the giant of Africa

— kfb common sense ™ 🧚‍♀️ (@headmistrexx) May 27, 2019

#RememberWhen we couldn’t wait to read the Next Supa Strikas Volume 😂😂😂

— OLADIMEJI 🚫 (@Dimz_i_am) May 27, 2019

If u were never beaten for forgetting to charge this multipurpose electronics as a child, then add “sir” in our conversations henceforth!

We no be mate!😂😂😂#ChildrensDay2019#RememberWhen#MondayThoughts

— GODisLOVE💓🇳🇬 (@Centokoh) May 27, 2019

I #RememberWhen Barney was so exciting to watch. I’m sure most of you don’t know Barney is a tyrannosaurus though.

— Ogunremi Hafeez (@Itzechmark) May 27, 2019

#RememberWhen you steal one meat from the pot but you divide another meat into two to cover the crime scene#HappyChildrensDay

— D R A Y 4 L Y F (@Dray4lyf) May 27, 2019

#Rememberwhen the first “yoruba demon” before we even knew what it meant.

— Amala Lover (@Babavin_) May 27, 2019

I #RememberWhen this was my favorite cartoon.. I just love watching it

— W. G 🐤 (@wittygold_) May 27, 2019

#RememberWhen you were praying for the things you have now.

— Kent Root (@thisisKentroot) May 27, 2019

#RememberWhen The Put Someone In Trouble Default Songs Started With
DenDenDen…I Wee Tell For Yoooouuuu
And The Other Ended With
Eyaa Eyaa Oooooo

— IjebuBillionaire🇳🇬 (@IjebuBills) May 27, 2019

Shey you remember!!!#RememberWhen

— Funnycator🇳🇬(class of 99) (@iamwabillai99) May 27, 2019

#RememberWhen only the richest kids wore these shoes to school

— Aşkìå Zåmåhnì ❤ (@iam_zamahni) May 27, 2019

#RememberWhen having this game was all that mattered.

Happy children’s day.

— Sixty9 #HandleItAfrica (@Ghetto_Overseer) May 27, 2019

#RememberWhen we played hide and see as kids too

— Chyme💛 (@_chyme6) May 27, 2019

I #RememberWhen I was in love with this cartoon 😍

— 🌚🌚 (@donyemikellz) May 27, 2019

#RememberWhen this was d beginning of ur gamble

— kollinburg (@olilykinz) May 27, 2019

We hope that this tweet brings you as more joy and happy memories as it brought us.

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