Twitter Users React To Leaked Instagram DMs From BBNaija’s Nina

Twitter Users React To Leaked Instagram DMs From BBNaija’s Nina

By Oluwatosin Ajayi

It was an interesting weekend as social media users had a filled time feasting on some leaked Instagram DM chats from former BBnaija housemate Nina Ivy.

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The leaked conversations involved Nigerian actor, IK Ogbonna requesting for Nina’s photos and also her chat with Nollywood actress, Rita Dominic which exposed the top actress’s phone number.

Nigerians have since been reacting to the development as many concerned that Dominic’s privacy may have been breached following the hacker’s activities.

See reactions below:

I knw u people on Twitter don’t really know what goin on presently on instagram, let me gist you small. Nina of big brother casted, account hacked and her chats was shared publicly. bother @ikogbonna shared his dick with Nina, Rita Dominic shared her phone number,bbnaija is scam

— Hitsongz (@Hitsongzmedia) November 26, 2018

Don’t waist your time calling or texing Rita Dominic and ceec as already changed their phone number

— Es Star 🌟 (@Estherchidera8) November 26, 2018

You can’t hack CBN and wire money to our accounts. You can’t hack my school portal and add to my CGPA. You can’t hack DSTV and remove Zeeworld danudanu. You’re there hacking Rita Dominic’s number. Tueeeh

Misplaced priorities 😐

— Josh (@sire_liljosh) November 26, 2018

Not to be proud but I have Rita Dominic’s number.

— Ugly Professor 🤒 (@Triumphantell) November 26, 2018

When Celebs who have chatted with Nina see what happened with Rita Dominic and IK Ogbonna’s chats, then they rush to delete their messages but remember it’s instagram and not whatsapp…

— The only Լדץ€ ™ in 🇳🇬 (@Blvcklyte) November 26, 2018

Rita Dominic will wake up to 300,000 unread message tomorrow morning 😂😂😂😂

— Boda Shina (@Shina_erico) November 26, 2018

haayy God!!! 😂 they legit called her ooo🤣🤣
So wait oo…am I the only one who didn’t save Rita Dominic’s number?

— The only Լדץ€ ™ in 🇳🇬 (@Blvcklyte) November 26, 2018

LMAO.. Nigerians ooo.

So you will call Rita Dominic’s leaked private phone number and expect her to up pick up. SMH

— Esther Agbarakwe (@estherclimate) November 26, 2018

Rita Dominic’s IPhone x will be the first to hang in history, am so sure she as not noticed anything yet, it will shock her when she leaves #MissNigeria2018 and on her Data
WhatApp Messages: 98,877,388,383,783 😂😂😂, I love twitter i love Nigeria s

— FLAWLESS !!! (@Usman_muzik) November 26, 2018

I told my Mum these morning that I have Rita Dominic number, she hissed and said she as it also, that a friend of hers added Rita Dominic to one of there Group Chat 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 @ritaUdominic

— the_Nawti.D (@Danielomole) November 26, 2018

IK Ogbonna supposedly asking Nina for nudes…Wonderful!

— 🥀🔮 (@AnthoRIGAGA) November 25, 2018

Leaked chats between Ik Ogbonna and #Bbnaija runner up Nina where nudes were exchanged b4 knacking..

— THE ANNUNCIATE (@theannunciate) November 25, 2018

Yusuf hacks Nina of bb Naija IG account,baba is wilding 😂
Ik ogbonna is asking for nude ,
Rita Dominic,CeeC number is exposed

— 👑 MIRACLE (@life_of_mrey) November 25, 2018

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