US Senator John McCain Dies At 81

US Senator John McCain Dies At 81

By Newsroom NG

US Senator John McCain has died after a long battle with brain cancer. A long-term Republican senator from Arizona, he was regarded as one of America’s war heroes, fighting in the Vietnam war – and was a prisoner of war for five years. First elected to the House of Representatives in 1982, he got into the Senate in 1986. He ran against Barack Obama in 2008. He died at 81 years old, four days before his 82nd birthday.

In 2017 he was diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer and only last week, his family announced that he had chosen to discontinue treatment.

Since the ascension of Donald Trump, however, McCain was often a target of mockery by the US President for the perceived lack of support from the Arizona senator.

Nevertheless, the president, as well as many other politicians- including Barack Obama whom McCain ran against in 2008, have expressed their grief at his passing.

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