#WeAreNigerianCreatives – Our Top 10 Creatives

#WeAreNigerianCreatives – Our Top 10 Creatives

By Adeoluwa Atayero

#WeAreNigerianCreatives have been trending for quite for some time now but finally the hype is dying down. What does this mean? That we can finally look back and give it up for the submissions that made us retweet and actually wowed us.

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There were hundreds of posts that truly had us appreciating the brilliance of Nigerian creatives but here are our top ten.

10. @Amcalled_nuel

Hello, My name is Nuel,
I am a creative photographer. #WeAreNigerianCreatives pic.twitter.com/PvKYIu6KbW

— 👑 Nuel. (@amcalled_nuel) March 21, 2018

There were a ton of photographers using the hashtag but what stands out about Nuel’s photography is the dreamy, painting-like quality of his work. Each shot was simple but had so much attention to detail and that’s camera work we will always be here for.

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9. @Tolz_baby

Hi. My name is Tolani. I am a self taught special effects artist and I am Nigerian
#WeAreNigerianCreatives pic.twitter.com/6JOAWuCZVs

— Ajayi Tolani (@tolz_baby) March 1, 2018

There a lot of people who claim to be special effects artists but only a few of them get it right. From what we can see, Tolani takes things up a notch and knocks it out of the park.

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8. @Josh_Egesi

I am Josh Egesi the recycle artist
I am a Nigerian.
I create art from waste and made the biggest bottle cover art in Africa, plsssssss rt and follow this space#WeAreNigerianCreatives pic.twitter.com/0Ga7DC7biK

— joshua egesi (@Josh_egesi) March 4, 2018

The cool thing about the ‘Creatives’ hashtag is the fact that it showcased original minds who are thinking out of the box. Josh and his stunning recycling is an example of this truth.

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7. @Kennwadiogbu

This is a DRAWING
With Just a Pencil
No picture
No print
No torn paper
Everything here is drawn!
My name is Ken Nwadiogbu and I am Nigerian.#WeAreNigerianCreatives pic.twitter.com/y2fbBySPKP

— Ken Nwadiogbu (@kennwadiogbu) February 28, 2018

Ken Nwadiogbu’s brain bursting pencil creations had us zooming in to confirm if such a detailed work of art could be made using only a pencil. He made believers out of us all and we are sure he’ll make one out of you.

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6. @Seunandez

#WeAreNigerianCreatives #ila pic.twitter.com/vEjXukG2Z0

— seun adeyemi (@seunandez) February 26, 2018

Seun Adeyemi’s pointillist creations stand in a lane all its own. They combine the best of Nigerian ancient art with the coolest aspects of modern day art. Brilliant is clearly an understatement.

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5. @SilasOnoja

I’m Silas Onoja, a Nigerian artist who majors in painting.
Here are my realistic paintings#WeAreNigerianCreatives pic.twitter.com/EEDgEMbk6Q

— Silas Onoja (@SilasOnoja) February 23, 2018

Silas Onoja’s realistic paintings are amazing not only because of his exceptional attention to detail, but also because of the seamless blend between art and reality.

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4. @Reedwan_

Hello, My name is Reedwan, I’m a freelance illustrator. Here are some of my works #WeAreNigerianCreatives pic.twitter.com/aPudRBBScd

— Reedwan (@Reedwan_) February 27, 2018

Its one thing to create art that excites and its another thing to translate such art into a striking digital masterpiece. Reedwan’s artistic style is definitely the new cool and we hope to see more of it.

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3. @Olugbengajimoh

“In your work be legendary, in your life, make history”. i am a brand and digital art enthusiast https://t.co/4KAp6CzC0k #WeAreNigerianCreatives pic.twitter.com/7086zrYPTV

— Brand Connoisseur (@olugbengajimoh) February 27, 2018

The storytelling nature of art is perhaps its most important and that’s what one thing that Gbenga shows thorough mastery of in his pieces. Clean, striking pieces that will stop in your tracks and leave you in awe.

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2. @Feoluwart

My name is Ifeoluwa,
I am a selftaught Nigerian artist.#WeAreNigerianCreatives pic.twitter.com/xKMDCCIlms

— Ifeoluwa .O (@feoluwart) February 27, 2018

Its really hard to believe that Ife taught herself how to create such remarkable pieces but then again, Nigerians have shown time and time again that they can defy odds with their God given talent.

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1. @UselessRG

Hey tweeps, my name is Sopulu, from Anambra State. I’m a programmer, graphics designer, animator, game and Web developer.#WeAreNigerianCreatives
Check out my last work #mogthegame on playstorehttps://t.co/oliRFO36WR pic.twitter.com/Cr5b8ad6wK

— that nigga, Useless (@UselessRG) February 27, 2018

We are ending our list with an unconventional type of art that is still finding its foot in Nigeria, programming. Artists like Sopulu bring all of Nigeria, and the world, closer to playing games and using apps created by Nigerians in Nigeria. How cool is that!

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