What Do We Make of a ‘One Africa Music Fest’ That Is Not Organized in Africa?

What Do We Make of a ‘One Africa Music Fest’ That Is Not Organized in Africa?

By Vheektor Okpala

With the explosive rise of African music, it is expected that individuals or organizations will begin to establish systems and platforms to help establish a bond between the growing number of African artistes from different regions of the continent, promote cultural exchanges, boost the African economy through tourism and make some money for themselves. So the announcement of the One Africa Music Festival in 2016 came as no surprise to many. Timely idea – only that the vision is somewhat contradictory. What exactly do we make of a One Africa Music Festival that is not organized in Africa?

Festivals as we know are series of special events celebrated by a community of people who share the same cultural or religious values.

These celebrations help members of the community to synergize and depending on the context, play a huge role in the economic growth of a community as the exciting activities that are accompanied with the festivities attract individuals from other parts of the world who wish to identify with the cultures and traditions of the celebrating community.

How exactly do the organizers of the One Africa Music Fest plan to boost the economy or values of the African continent if the festival that is seemingly organized to represent an entire continent has never held any edition in the continent?

Reggae Sumfest is held annually in Jamaica, the Roskilde Festival which is held annually in south of Roskilde is one of the largest music festivals in Europe and the largest in Northern Europe. The Budweiser Made in America Festival is equally held in America.

Since 2016, the One Africa Music Fest has been held in the United States, America, London and the next one is set to hold in November will be held in Dubai.

If One Africa Music Festival cannot serve as platform that attracts Africans in the diaspora and lovers of African music and culture to the continent, what is its point?

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