What exactly does BBNaija’s Efe mean by ‘His Sound’?

What exactly does BBNaija’s Efe mean by ‘His Sound’?

By Vheektor Okpala

Efe at a recent interview

Since exiting the Big Brother Naija house in April 2017, Efe still seems to be stuck in the reality of aftermath.

The self-proclaimed rapper has made three efforts to score a hit – but has failed at every attempt. You can attribute his staggering musical career to glaring factors like ‘his weak word play and mediocrity’ all you want but the reality star isn’t having it.

During an interview with Ebuka Obi-Uchendu on Channels TV‘s Rubbin Minds, Efe iterated that people are going to come around to his sound – explaining that a lot of people are not responsive to his music because of sentiments around his local aesthetics.

Efe insists that people will come around to his sound. The rapper was a guest on #RubbinMinds.

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Keyword: ‘His Sound’.

The term ‘sound’ is used by present day musicians to describe their style of music. It is often used in a conceited context to accord honours to one’s self as a pioneer or creator of a particular sub-genre.

So what exactly does Efe mean by ‘his sound’? Is he really the pioneer of the local aesthetics? Has he brought anything to the table that is deserving of honours? Is the reality star truly alienated by the mainstream audience because of sentiments around his choice of local delivery? – The answers are no, no, no.

The use of local delivery in Nigerian Hip-hop dates back to the 80’s. Some of the early Nigerian emcees that adopted the Hip-hop culture used to deliver their verses in Nigerian Pidgin (a typical example is – Emphasis).

Fast forward to the first decade of the 2000s, we saw the likes of 2Shotz and Nigga Raw make a name for themselves by rapping in Nigerian Pidgin embellished with their mother tongues. Even in recent times, the biggest rappers on the continent serenade their verses with Pidgin and their respective mother tongues.

Local rappers are currently leading the forth in Nigerian Hip-hop music so it is quite contradicting to see the reality star attribute his failings as a rapper to sentiments around his aesthetics.

The glaring cause of his failings are associated with his unintelligent delivery and poor lyricism.

There is definitely a future for Efe in music if he squares up to the aforementioned factors and better his craft.

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