What’s the future for Big Brother Naija’s Efe in music?

What’s the future for Big Brother Naija’s Efe in music?

By Vheektor Okpala

Efe Ejeba. Photo: TY Bello

After emerging winner of Big Brother Naija on April 9, 2017, Efe seems to have been having a hard time proving himself as the rapper he claimed to be while he was in the Big Brother house.

Since the end of the reality show, the reality star has released three singles and every new single seems to worse than the previous one.

What could possibly be wrong with his music? How much time does he have to prove himself? And what is the future for Efe in music?

When I think about the situation with Efe, what comes to my mind is the quote that says; ‘To whom much is given, much more is expected.’

When Efe was on the show, Nigerians showered him with overwhelming love and support. Efe was the talk of the town and the subject of many family gatherings. Some liked him because he was original and smart while others liked him because he came from a very humble background.

A long list of celebrities like Ice Prince, Olamide and Wizkid were strongly behind him and even Patoranking did a victory dance as soon as Efe was announced winner of the show.

Efe was and still is the man of the people. As we speak, he has an Instagram following of over 500,000 people which is higher than all of his fellow housemates bar Bisola.

Now if I’m using the ratings of what an average Nigerian calls a hit, then his second single titled ‘Somebody’ qualifies to be a hit song, especially with the kind of following that he has.

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Somehow, Nigerians didn’t pay attention to that record probably because, once again, to whom much is given, much more is expected.

His first single, ‘Based on Logistics’, wasn’t an entire disaster – the hook was okay but his wordplay in the verses were too weak and regular. They sounded like nursery rhymes.

Then his third single titled ‘Mercy’ is the real disaster. Both the hook and the verses were a mistake.

In all honesty, I’m not going to put the cross of mediocrity that has been looming in the Nigerian music industry on Efe because the guy just really came to ride on the wave of an average mindset that is already breeding amongst Nigerian musicians.

What follows are five glaring mistakes Efe has been making and what he needs to do to guarantee a future for himself in music.

Originality Misinterpreted

If anyone must pay to hear your music, then it shouldn’t sound like some high school rhyme.

Rap is for intelligent people. Whether you want to make commercial music or not, you have to layer your verses intelligently. This is 2017 and not 1998.

It is okay to rap in pidgin especially if that’s what you are comfortable with. But if anyone must pay to hear your music, then it shouldn’t sound like some high school rhyme.

Mr Eazi is original, Olamide is original, Phyno is original, Ycee is original, Ill Bliss is original and they are all successful with their respective sounds.

You have to find your sound and intelligently stay true to it just like what Falz the Bahd Guy is doing.

From all indications, Nigerians clearly don’t want mediocrity from Efe so he has to bring in his A-game.

You mustn’t write your songs by yourself

Efe with Tee-Y Mix

This isn’t something that is openly embraced in Nigeria but there is really nothing wrong with having someone that writes for you. Some people are gifted when it comes to writing while others are good performers.

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Efe clearly isn’t so much of an intelligent rapper so he clearly needs a writer on his team. Justin Bieber‘s ‘Love Yourself’ was co-written by Ed Sheeran, and in fact, almost all the hit songs on his Purpose album were not entirely written by him.

Also Seyi Shay‘s ‘YOLO YOLO’ wasn’t written by Seyi Shay and some songs on Kanye‘s Life of Pablo album were not written by Kanye West – so you see getting, someone to write for you isn’t a big deal especially if it saves us from getting average records.

Work with another producer (at least for now)

Efe and Duktor Sett

Efe has been working with a particular producer called Duktor Sett which according to him is his day one friend. Now Duktor Sett makes good beat but right now Efe needs magic, somehow who can help him revamp his style.

Before choosing who to work with, he has to first of all decide what kind of music he wants to make; if he wants to make club/radio hits, then he should link up with producers who have proven to be experts in that area. There’s Masterkraft, Tekno, Young John and more.

On the other hand; if he wants to make conscious/timeless records, then he should link up with producers who make soul beats. There’s Cobhams, Maleek Berry and more.

These producers will guide him and help him create something that will stand.

Efe needs to collaborate

He has tried three times and he clearly can’t do it on his own so I think it’s time he works with someone. Like I said, the kind of music he wants to make will determine who he should work with.

If he wants to make fast food music, then he should collaborate with artistes who have fast food hits. If he wants to make proper music, then he should get in booth with the right artiste.

Working with people will help improve his creative process and challenge his thought pattern.

Efe needs a PR Team

Efe with Benny Ark and BellaRose at City 105.1 FM

It’s time for Efe to stop relying on just his Instagram and Twitter followers or that of his fellow housemates. Think out of the box and come up with creative ways to promote your content. Learn from Mr Eazi.

Those radio and TV stations that invited you for an interview after you won Big Brother should bring you back and have you talk about just your music.

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Make use of digital campaigns and all. Because even the likes of Wizkid and Olamide still promote their contents using various discrete methods.

Surely, there’s a future for Efe in music if he begins to pay attention to the aforementioned factors after all we have seen a lot of musicians who fall of, refine their sound and fall back on.

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