Why do Nigerian rappers fail to address political issues?

Why do Nigerian rappers fail to address political issues?

By Vheektor Okpala

Eminem‘s raving BET Hip-hop Awards freestyle that saw the rapper firing unfiltered shots at American President, Donald Trump, for complaining about NFL protests instead of taking care of hurricane victims, has triggered an important conversation.

Why don’t we see Nigerian emcees stand up for the people and dedicate a few bars to subjects around the ills of our society? Why are Nigerian rappers failing to address political issues?

Eminem has some strong words for Pres. Trump. By the way, why do Nigerian rappers fail to address political issues? pic.twitter.com/kdS4LOgtwc

— Vheektor Okpala (@iamvheektor) October 11, 2017

This question was thrown out on Nigerian Twitter this morning, and tons of users have been reacting.

While some think it is for fear of being implicated or incarcerated, others insist that most Nigerian rappers are loyalists and are often funded by these political terrorist, and are rarely concerned about the plights of the people.

1. Fear of unblowing
2. Look what happened to Fela. Nobody wants to sleep in a cell instead of private jet.
3. It’s just not the trend

— Oluwajomiloju (@miss_scille) October 11, 2017

I think most of them had their careers supported by the same politicians that’s why they can’t fight against them.

— Hali Ikane (@Ozanwoli) October 11, 2017

They prefer to sign about… Shake yansh and dance for me than talk about real problems.. It’s just the Nigerian way!!

— Your Generation!.. (@saincoDboss) October 11, 2017

It is very bad. That’s why fela will always be the greatest

— Patrick (@Osenge) October 11, 2017

You won’t bite the hand thay feeds you sometimes. Also looking back at the 2face situation, Nigerians are tough to please

— Horny of Ife (@shalamsee) October 11, 2017

Cos they wont call them for their political rallies ..money must be made https://t.co/pCvUQ7M9gE

— BB Tobi (@itsjustBB) October 11, 2017

Adddress political issues and go broke lol. They kiss as to get wealth #politicsmoney

— oluwaniimolémi (@rechiemole) October 11, 2017

A subset of people have however pointed that a few rappers have been fearlessly touching political and social subjects on their records.

MI does tho! On many occasions sef. Wild West, that song with Sultan, No love etc. https://t.co/Qg0TlDHQ4Y

— Pamilerin (@Yomiclass) October 11, 2017

New to Nigerian rap but are people confusing pop music with rap? @thisisAQ and @BoogeyThat have plenty of social and political commentary https://t.co/Mc5OJAJ9PI

— Chronicles of Chi (@ChroniclesOfChi) October 11, 2017

You fail to look for them.
You fail to pay them any attention and reward them for their craft yet lament a dearth. https://t.co/BJ46FniAbg

— Demilade (@DermeeA) October 11, 2017

They Just Slept On Boogey, So Sad. Pray They Will Be Up On Him Now

— Jay Dotcom (@JoidaJohnMaji) October 11, 2017

Listen to. “No country for dreamers” by @boogeythat

— Ammeromi (@Ammeromi) October 11, 2017

Very importantly, a few people also pointed out how the absence of civil security and a guarantee of safety might have birthed the scare.

Because our realities are not the same. The system cannot protect you from the backlash and you will go hungry. https://t.co/qRIUkTJ2C1

— The Jidé Taiwo (@thejidetaiwo) October 11, 2017

Make dem sleep jail abi? Is Bubu civilised? https://t.co/ebrXtvrQRD

— Mr. Mufasa (@mayor_cyber) October 11, 2017

Even this your tweet has crossed the Red Line, you now want them to rap into trap. Wehdone sir https://t.co/mTriUi7swZ

— ‘Deji Asiru-Balogun (@WilDeji) October 11, 2017

If any Nigerian rapper tries it, the chorus for his rap would be inside kirikiri maximum prison

— marcel (@marcel_ui) October 11, 2017

So what thoughts do you hold on this subject? Share them in the comments.

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