Why Tim Godfrey is not the type of boss you want

Why Tim Godfrey is not the type of boss you want

By Adeoluwa Atayero

Generous Godfrey

Nigerian gospel artiste, Tim Godfrey, showed his generous spirit when he gifted members of his Xtreme Crew with cars. For remaining loyal to his ministry for over 10 years, Godfrey purchased Toyota vehicles for his crew members.

Soul singer, Nikki Laoye, took to her Instagram to congratulate the recipients of the car gift and bless Godfrey for his generosity. Social media users from all over have also joined the chorus of hailing the singer. But does he deserve all this acclaim?

Let us all take a second to relax and step away from the fan fare. Let us zoom out and examine the bigger picture, let’s take a look at the facts without our emotions, shall we?

After a decade of working for Godfrey, the employer, for whatever reason, Godfrey’s loyal team cannot afford to buy their own cars. Their employer, however, can afford to not only buy but, give away five sweet rides.

Now, before you get your garri all soaked up and you get yourself an headache for no reason, I know what you are thinking. We are Nigerians, aren’t we? You’re thinking thoughts like:

‘These so called journalists have come again o! Somebody cannot buy gift for his team again. Who told you that the team members don’t have money to buy their own car? Who told you that they don’t even have cars sef? Nonsense!’

Too accurate?

Now think about it.

Why would Tim buy his team members cars if they already had them? Why would his team members, after 10 years of backing up and ministration, not want to have cars? Did they learn to drive so that they can be one day surprised by their boss?

The vehicles Godfrey got his crew

There, of course, is no proof, from my end anyways, that Godfrey is a greedy boss or that he doesn’t pay his people well. However, if we are going to call a spade by its name, then we should be willing to realize that there is something wrong somewhere.

Musicians all over the world are frequently victims of being underpaid throughout history. It is no secret that with the lack of structure in the Nigerian music industry, the gospel section nonetheless, Godfrey may not exactly be swimming in money. However, he should be swimming in a lot less money if his team members cannot afford to reward themselves with their own cars, 10 years in. Don’t you think?

Any boss that keeps you dependent on mundane things for a decade is probably not the type of boss you should be renewing your contract for. While I’m sure that Godfrey, who recently performed with Kirk Franklin in Nigeria, is probably a wonderful person, a great coach and mentor, his personality CV may end right there. After a decade of hustling and bustling, I think I’d deserve more than a car, don’t you?

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