Why We Are Obsessed With Kano Right Now!

Why We Are Obsessed With Kano Right Now!

By Twixy

An excited trainee at the MTN Foundation ICT and Business Skills Training, Kano recently

Kano is a gorgeous place, you have heard all the stories – the splendour of the Tiga Dam; the colours of the Dying Pits; the beauty of the Falgore Game Reserve or the bustle of the Kurmi market. Yes, we have heard all the gist, yet none of the beauties listed above is at the top of things we love about Kano right now? Now you’re wondering, what on earth is it?

Okay, let’s give you the gist. Earlier this year, we headed for the ancient city of Ibadan in Oyo State for the pilot phase of MTN Foundation’s ICT and Business Skills Training and then we moved on to Kano on Wednesday, 8th 2018 and Thursday, 9th 2018. Let’s just tell you now, Kano’s edition took the training another step further. We haven’t stopped thinking about it.

Here are the five reasons we love about the training in Kano and why we are excited for the next one!

1. Strictly Experts: For two (2) days, experts from the MTN Foundations and its ecosystem partners – KPMG; IBM; DBI (Digital Bridge Institute) and Oracle came together to train youths on the necessary skills in ICT and Business. There was so much to learn and Kano was surely better for it. The participants learnt how to use the right social media skills to increase customers for business and financial accounting.

Analyst, IBM, Femi Oso, teaching at the training session

Trainer, Google, Fateema Balareba, teaching at the training session

2. The Tasks Were Fun: So, at the end of each day, the hall filled with hundreds of students was divided into tables and each recipient was able to sit and think through engaging tasks. Each team picked a leader to present their answers and at the end of the entire session, shouts of victory rung in the air when a group was crowned winner. You needed to have seen the competitive drive in the air. That’s one of the things we are excited to see in the next state – people coming together to learn and enjoy every minute of it. The winner-team was also rewarded big time.

3. It was Free: Yes, participants did not pay a single dime for attending the event. That was very interesting! Each day had a roughly nine-hour-long intensive session and yet there was not a fee to any of the activities.

4. Our Selfie game was on fleek! Yes, “all work and no play” was not our problem at all. The recipients with the most liked selfie on twitter got a surprise gift! See, using social media to win – we learned fast. Four lucky recipients happily received gifts from the MTN Foundation team.

5. We had a Mega Freebie! Okay, you have to keep this a secret – after the wrap up, each day the participants were handed envelopes to help with transportation back home. All recipients! We opened our mouths in shock when we found out.

First, we got free training that would last our lives then we got to enjoy a trip back home, all expenses on MTN! We tried to beg the team not to leave, but ehn…like Santa Claus, they had to go improve other lives.

You understand the sheer excitement we have for Kano, the possibilities that the young people of the state now have. After the training, the employability level in Kano has increased by the hundreds of participant present. If that isn’t a reason to shout ‘whoop!” we really cannot help you…

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