Ycee Responds To The Hip-hop Community On New Single ‘I Wish’

Ycee Responds To The Hip-hop Community On New Single ‘I Wish’

By Vheektor Okpala

Rapper Ycee has been in the centre of the recent conversations in the hip-hop community about rappers who switched lanes to singing; as he started out with heavy bars but broke into the mainstream with less metaphoric records like Omo Alhaji, Juice and such like.

However Ycee is still considered one of the finest Nigerian new school rappers and his Best African in Hip-hop win at the just-concluded AFRIMA Awards solidifies his recognition.

His credibility as an emcee has however been questioned by a lot of hip-hop purists as a result of his attachment to the pop wave.

I Wish sees him in full throttle spitting heavy flows on a Karma produced Afro-hiphop instrumental attempting to provide hip-hop heads with what they’ve been asking for.

‘Right now the hip-hop game is been ignoring me act like they don’t see what the boy be doing globally/ So what’s the plan my bro coz i’m here to give them really what they asking for, anyone that got some issues that i should know, speak now so i can split your ass in four’, He rapped.

The rapper also threw subtle shots at his colleagues and someone who might be a respected emcee as he claimed that the unidentified person has been avoiding a collaboration with him because he is considered a threat.

‘My flow is so impeccable, despicable, you avoid a collab coz you know that i’m a threat to you. The rest of ya’ll felling cool is only coz i’m letting you and now you can keep shut and do the things you’re meant to do’, He spat.

Ycee is having a great run and can go without being bothered. But no, the brother is concerned about his legacy as an emcee and I WIsh is simply an attempt by Ycee to defend his position as a respectable emcee.

Is this record however solid enough to drive his point home? Well, you be the judge.

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