10 life lessons you can learn from Lupita Nyong’o’s father

10 life lessons you can learn from Lupita Nyong’o’s father

By Zainab Sadiku

Peter and Lupita

Lupita Nyong’o took to Instagram to celebrate her father Peter Anyang Nyong’o and also thank those who made it possible for him to become the new Governor of Kisumu County in Kenya.

She also shared 10 invaluable lessons he taught her which has helped her in becoming the better and confident woman she’s today and we think they’re lessons that will come in handy for everyone.

1. You are smart: I took this to mean both that I was dressed well (We Kenyans say ‘smart’ for ‘well-dressed’), but also that I was intelligent. It always made me feel special and valuable.

2. It will be OK: He said this whenever I was sad with the little burdens of my childhood (a fight with my friends, a broken doll, a lost favorite piece of clothing). He also said this when I was concerned with the big burdens of his adulthood (detention without trial, house arrests, caught in tear gas during violent riots). Daddy said this to me as he held me close and I always felt a sense of comfort and security from him.

3. You can do anything: Daddy never EVER made me feel limited by my sex.

4. Do whatever you want to do; just do it to excellence: Dreaming out loud was something he encouraged.

5. Knowledge is power: He ALWAYS reads and he is a walking example of how the power of an education never comes to an end.

6. Show me: My Daddy loves to learn from his children. He is not afraid to admit what he does not know.

7. Consider the other side: there is always two sides to a coin. Being able to identify the other side of an argument makes yours stronger. It also makes you more empathetic.

8. You must stand up for what you believe in: This is a fundamental lesson from my father. He lives by it. It is why he serves: To literally make the world a better place.

9. Very Good! ‘A’ Minus: This was his way of saying that I did well, but also jokingly reminding me that there is always room for improvement.

10. Daddy loves baby: He has said this to me all my life. A reminder that he loves me, yes, but also that I will always be his little girl.

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