5 Things To Look Forward To At The Real Deal Experience In Jos

5 Things To Look Forward To At The Real Deal Experience In Jos

By Onyinye Ugwu

As we warm up for another edition of Legend’s Real Deal Experience, I have compiled a list of five things you are sure to get from the show taking place this September at the serene city of Jos, as well as reasons why you shouldn’t sleep on this one.

Here we go.

The Eulogies

The Audience will be thrilled with various eulogies in English, different local languages and pidgin for the premier Stout brand. These eulogies would make use of humorous literary devices and figures of speech all to the amusement of the audience. Let’s laugh over a bottle of legend, so much for paying its dues, yeah, Legend extra stout deserves some accolades.


Everything goes well with good music. Whether it is jamming the best of Nigeria’s afro pop or being lulled by bluesy ballads and instrumentals that get your eyes watering, music is the ultimate mood magic.

With the Real Deal Experience, you can also guarantee that the best music fitted for the right audience is stewing, ready to be served in a steaming bowl of awesomeness.

However, that’s not even the best part.

You get to see the musicians IN PERSON, performing the songs you have come to know and love, and interacting with the fans beyond the radios and screens. If you’re as enthusiastic as me, you probably get to take a selfie too, or do a live video to ‘pepper’ all your followers on social media. How amazing is that!

The headliner for this edition is none other than the Incredible Mister himself, MI Abaga, spitting fire bars for days. The talented rapper/songwriter will grace the stages of the Jos show and get fans jumping on their feet and stomping the house down.

We hear his latest album is fire. Come hear it directly from the source.

And I must warn you: come heavy, because you bear a great risk of being blown away completely. This is not a drill.


You didn’t think the Real Deal Experience will come all this way without gifts and goodies now, did you?

To enable everyone to get a chance to go home with extra big smiles, the Taste, Tell and Win game will be one of the highlights of the evening. It is a blind taste test wherein consumers identify Legend Extra Stout as the Real Stout from a lineup of unidentified drinks and winners get to go home with exciting prizes such as flat screen television sets, generators and refrigerators, among other items. This is for those who know their beer.

Don and Ennada

I can tell you read that as ‘Done and another’, and that may just be apt, as there is always one new reason to not miss the show.

If you have followed the Real Deal Experience so far, you can tell listening to the hosts of the shows is one of the apogees. That’s because some of the country’s best comperes get to anchor the event, and in this edition, comedian De Don and Big Brother Naija Ex-housemate, Ifu Ennada will be the hosts, creating great chemistry, laughs and engaging the audience throughout the brilliant experience.

Apart from the headlining musician and anchors, there will also be electrifying live performances by up and coming acts and comedians from all around J-town.

Connect! Laugh! Dance!

What is the point of a night this fun if you don’t get to strut your stuff on the dance floor?

The event is set up in such a way as to allow for movement around, meeting amazing people, making new friends, and dancing like no one is watching.

The event is slated to hold on the 23rd of September at the Polo field, Jos City.

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