Nigeria’s first-ever entertainment newspaper, Nigerian Entertainment Today (NET) is published by NET NEWSPAPERS Limited.

NET is a 360 degrees media company, relying on past, present and future platforms to deliver accurate and up-to-the-minute news, entertainment and information to audiences wherever they are.

Our website www.thenet.ng went live on November 23, 2009, while the print newspaper hit the newstands on April 26 2010.

We have become the most authentic news source for those keen on happenings in the Nigerian entertainment scene; Nigeria’s fastest entertainment breaking news service, with hundreds of exclusive breaking news to our credit, and several major local and international news outlets regularly picking up leads and news from our site.

Our weekly print edition, printed in different locations, and circulated nationally (in over 37 towns/cities across the country), is a bestseller in its right, moving over 10,000 copies per week with a rapidly increasing pass on rate.

Our team of journalists, spread across different parts of the world, include

Adedayo Odulaja (Assistant Editor)

Adedayo Showemimo (Senior correspondent)

Tadeniawo Collins (Senior Correspondent)

Chrysanthus Ikeh (Correspondent)

Siji Oyewusi (Correspondent)

Griffin Okuchukwu (Content Manager)

Kenneth Atisele (Content Manager)

Hassan Sanusi (Content Manager)

www.thenet.ng is Nigeria’s most popular entertainment news, youth lifestyle, fashion, and urbane culture website, recording over a million (1,000,000) page views within its first six months. Roughly 86% of visitors to www.thenet.ng come from Nigeria, where it was ranked among the top 100 websites in 2010. Current Alexa traffic rank is 57 (figure as at October 2014); with over four million monthly pageviews.

Our weekly print edition is the most widely circulated, most credible, most respected and most authentic entertainment newspaper in Nigeria. Our website www.thenet.ng is the No 1 entertainment news website in Nigeria.

Founded by respected entertainment writer-turned media entrepreneur, Ayeni Adekunle Samuel, Nigerian Entertainment Today combines reporting from an in-house team of well-trained writer-reporters, with contributions from some of the finest in Nigerian media and entertainment (including filmmaker Chris Ihidero, broadcaster Lamide Akintobi, OAP/Musician Tosyn Bucknor, Publicist Bayo Omisore, Talent Manager Efe Omorogbe, OAP Gbemi Olateru-Olagbegi, entrepreneur Wale Ewedemi and Oluwole Leigh).

With a fool-proof structure to break the biggest stories first, we have been quoted by reputable news organisations and major Newspapers/Journals like Channels TV, THISDAY, THE PUNCH, THE GUARDIAN, THE SUN, NEXT, THE AFRICA REPORT, HIPHOPWORLD, ENCOMIUM and DAILY CHAMPION; while hundreds of online journals continue to give us credit for regularly picking up exclusives from our site.

Our aim at Nigerian Entertainment Today is to objectively and responsibly cover the Nigerian entertainment industry while also celebrating the best of Nigerian talents with a view to enlighten, educate, inform and entertain our numerous visitors from all over the world.

We combine art reporting with celebrity reporting, hoping to mirror the showbiz industry, celebrating the best of our stars, and condemning whatever might stand on the way to the port of excellence…

Our constantly-expanding audience consists of the young, and the young-at-heart; unrepentant entertainment enthusiasts who will stop at nothing to keep up with their favourite stars. Our readers are spread across Nigeria, as well as in Europe, Asia, several parts of Africa and the Americas.


The entertainment industry in Nigeria has come a long way; a very long way. Through ups and downs, practitioners have succeeded in building a system that is attracting not just consumers spread across all continents of the world, but also corporate institutions, governments as well as entertainment practitioners from the other side of town.

Nollywood, in spite of poor distribution, production and financing, is growing rapidly, throwing up huge stars and grabbing global attention. Our music stars are the capons of the African music scene; amassing major awards like they’re going out of fashion, headlining sold-out stadium concerts, and moving alarming units of album sales. The fashion industry is throwing up new stars by the day. And, from Lagos to Milan and New York, our models and designers are making heads turn; making solid statements that’s making the world see that the future of fashion – from fabrics to designs, tailoring and concept, is in the heart of Africa.  From music to Sports,  TV, Radio, Theatre, Comedy, Fashion, Movies and Lifestyle, the developments are encouraging. Especially if you consider the sorry state of the Nigerian nation, and the lack of patronage arts and entertainment still suffer in the hands of government and many corporate institutions.

But there’s still a long way to go. A very very very very very very very very very very long way. If we’re truly serious about showing the world where entertainment should be headed; if we truly want to have a strong stake in the emerging global culture; and if want our talents to be the best that they can be, then all hands must be on deck, to ensure that we capitalise on the opportunities the current boom in entertainment presents us.

The media has a strong role to play in this. Apart from being a mirror through which society sees itself, the media is also a chisel through which one can shape society into desired dimensions. NET will cover the entertainment industry in Nigeria objectively and responsibly, celebrating the best of our stars, and condemning whatever might stand on the way to excellence.

We will combine art reporting with celebrity reporting, hoping to enlighten, educate, inform and entertain our audience without nearing the corridors of the four letter word called ‘bore’.

Yes! we will excite you. We will interest you. We will amaze you; even surprise you. There’ll be times when we will annoy you; or even disappoint you. But one thing we will not do is bore you. And that, is a promise.

Just like the entertainment industry in Nigeria, NET, too, has a long  journey ahead. And while we will ensure we break the biggest entertainment stories first, and provide readers with content no one can match, we will count on the support of our friends in the media, publics, corporate world, government and everywhere else, to succeed now, and on the long run.

If you enjoy what you see here, please give glory to the Man who created the written word; and to those distinguished ladies and gentlemen who have over the years, been committed to preserving the fine art of literature and journalism. They, really, should get all the credit for inventing and preserving whatever it is we’re doing to day. What we are doing, really, is just a re-invention. But then, are we good at it!!!

For Business-related enquiries please contact us via contact@thenet.ng. Alternatively, we can be reached on +2348105087076 0r +2348093438614.

For circulation enquiries or request for back copies, please contact Gbenga Ibitoye via gbenga@thenet.ng or +2347098741356…

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