All The Sides To Event Production In Nigeria: A Conversation With Olamide Adedeji

All The Sides To Event Production In Nigeria: A Conversation With Olamide Adedeji


Many years before, for fans to have a concert experience of their favourite artistes, it mostly had to be through third-party mediums like events organised by corporate brands or comedy shows. But in recent years, at an overwhelming rate, artistes have begun to headline their own shows – even new artistes on varying degrees.

In December 2018 alone, about 10 musical concerts were held at the popular Eko Convention Centre, no less than four took place at Eko Atlantic City, Federal Palace Hotel, Hardrock Cafe and other venues were also used for various musical shows. Although event production has become a lucrative stream of income in the Nigerian entertainment industry, it not a sector that is without challenges.

To uncover some of the hurdles that event producers and show promoters scale in a bid to bring concert ideas to life, NET music editor, Victor Okpala sits down with Olamide Adedeji, producer of the Soundcity MVP Awards, Wizkid VIP Experience concert, Wizkid Made In Lagos Festival and three other events that held during the festive season.

Olamide shared insight on all the sides to event production in Nigeria. See interview highlights below.

During the festive season, punctuality was perhaps the biggest complain of concert goers.

Addressing the issue, @OlamideAdedeji posits that it is a result of infrastructural limitations, as insufficient top-notch venues & the traffic situation in Lagos contribute a great deal.

— NET (@theNETng) 10 January 2019

The headline concert of @burnaboy started hours after the proposed time and according to the singer, it was as a result of production setbacks.

Speaking on the issue, @OlamideAdedeji explains that the reality in Nigeria like power failure pose a big threat to event production.

— NET (@theNETng) 10 January 2019

They also discussed the trend of artistes spraying money on stage.

According to @iamvictorokpala, it is a gimmick to evade the duty of delivering a spectacular performance, while @OlamideAdedeji points at the risks and how it ends up becoming a production let-down.

— NET (@theNETng) 10 January 2019

We have seen Nigerian artistes like @mreazi, @iam_Davido, @wizkidayo etc sell out venues in different parts of the world but not so much of that is done locally.

Addressing the situation, @OlamideAdedeji points to Nigeria’s struggling ticketing culture as a contributing factor.

— NET (@theNETng) 10 January 2019

He also cleared the air on misconceptions about the Soundcity MVP Awards.

As producer of the #SoundcityMVP awards, @OlamideAdedeji also took time to correct some misconceptions about the ceremony.

He explains that the #SoundcityMVP is not a Nigerian award. It is aimed at celebrating the hardest working African artistes.

— NET (@theNETng) 10 January 2019

Do you have any confusion about how winners of the #SoundcityMVP are picked? The show producer @OlamideAdedeji clears the air.

He explains that it is not entirely based on votes as the voting results are compared with the position of an editorial panel.

— NET (@theNETng) 10 January 2019

Award shows are often followed by kickbacks from fans and artistes who insist that they deserved to win.

Using the situation with Peruzzi and Teni as a case study, @OlamideAdedeji encouraged artistes to not base their entire purpose on awards. #SoundcityMVP #VibesWVictor

— NET (@theNETng) 10 January 2019

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