And Let The World Sing, “Hymnodia!”

And Let The World Sing, “Hymnodia!”

By Joan Omionawele

For thirteen weeks, talented singers from all over Nigeria will participate in the Hymnodia competition. Unlike regular talent shows, however, Hymnodia is designed for singers to be part of a world-class choir where they would perform soul-stirring hymns from all ages.

This unique initiative is the brainchild of Philosoville Limited, led by Kufre Ekanem. The idea is to once again bring to the forefront the art of hymn writing, its rendition of the concept of being in a choir. “It is an initiative of nurturing talents in the rendition of hymns which are inspirational and tells the values that redefines our perception and belief,” Ekanem stated.

Lagosians were given a taste of what’s to come when a thirty piece choir performed hymns spontaneously at the Ikeja City Mall where Hymnodia was flagged off. As the melodies rang out from the choir, shoppers and passers-by could not resist and many of them started singing along.

After an audition process has taken place, participants will be part of a world-class choir who contest to showcase their skills as singers, writers and hymnodists, while collaborating to render soul-lifting renditions. Entries are already being submitted on until January 21, 2019, and the competition will run until April 21 when the grand finale will take place. The winner will go home with five million naira in cash prize, a brand new car and a specially designed trophy.

Hymnodia, which will be an annual event, aims to ignite rumination, regard and allure on the words within hymns beyond their oft-whistled melodies. It will lavishly reward the creativities and talents that excel in its defined categories.

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