APC group calls Charly Boy’s protest against Buhari’s prolonged absence a ‘senseless noise’

APC group calls Charly Boy’s protest against Buhari’s prolonged absence a ‘senseless noise’

By Lukmon Fasasi

Charly Boy at a different protest

A group under the All Progressives Congress, APC Youths Renaissance, has criticised Charly Boy for his protest against Nigeria’s president, Muhammadu Buhari.

Charly Boy is protesting Buhari’s protracted absence from the country on a medical vacation in London.

Buhari has been on the medical vacation since May, and is the second he’s been on this year having spent almost 60 days in London between January and March.

But the APC Youths Renaissance says the outspoken entertainment personality’s protest is unnnecessary, referring to him as a political dissident making senseless noise.

‘The planned protest against President Muhammadu Buhari by a coalition of civil society groups led by Charly Boy has come to the notice of the national leadership of APC Youths Renaissance.

‘Ordinarily, we would have dismissed the move knowing that Charly Boy is an incurable attention-seeker, but because he cleverly laced his mercantile show-business in President Buhari’s health challenge, we have decided to educate the political dissident that governance is not entertainment.

‘President Buhari has just spent few days receiving medical attention and Charly Boy and his dubious sponsors are making senseless noise about it, what about a former American President who ruled America in the midst of greater health challenge yet Americans never gave a hoot about it.

‘In 1919, President Woodrow Wilson suffered a severe stroke that left him incapacitated until the end of his presidency, yet Americans did not call for his resignation or impeachment, but here in Nigeria, we have a President who is only on a medical check-up and some group of attention-seekers are making it to look as if it is anathema.

‘For Charly Boy and his sponsors to organise such protest against our darling President, we have resolved and are going to stage a counter protest that will show the world that President Muhammadu Buhari is truly loved by Nigerians despite the media gang up against him.

‘We have also collected the comprehensive list of politicians within and outside the APC who are sponsoring the protest and negative publicity against Buhari and will make it public for Nigerians to see who and who is actually preventing good governance from happening in the country.’

The protest has been held in front of the Aso Villa in Abuja with Charly Boy being joined by hundreds of other Nigerians.

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