Billionaire heiress, Temi Otedola is a fearless woman on A Nasty Boy magazine cover

Billionaire heiress, Temi Otedola is a fearless woman on A Nasty Boy magazine cover

By Njideka Akabogu

Temi on the magazine cover

A Nasty Boy magazine’s newest issue features billionaire heiress, sister to DJ Cuppy and Mr. Eazi‘s girlfriend, Temi Otedola on the cover.

The edgy editorial shoot sees the 21-year-old fashion blogger channeling her inner Solange in dresses from Lanre DaSilva Ajayi and Mariah Lucia Hohan, among others, with long jumbo twists and dramatic eye makeup.

And we might have gotten used to the glamorous jet setting life she shows us on her very chic Instagram page but as the accompanying interview reveals, that is not nearly all there is to her.

She’s a feminist, an advocate for Autism and so much more.

See excerpts from her interview and more below.

On sexism in London and Lagos: ‘I would say that sexism is still a big big issue in both the UK and still in Nigeria, and I think the main issue is everyday sexism, but there are different issues on both accounts.

‘I would say, in Nigeria, sexism is a lot more in your face and people are more brazen with it, and just the way women are seen as inferior in society; whereas, in the UK, it is still catcalling, general disrespect in certain fields of work—and it really is a shame, because, there is a long way to go—and you’d think in 2017 we’d be there.

‘But, I do have hope with all the resistance and the rise of feminism we have seen, I am really excited about what could happen and hopefully, women can get the equality we deserve.’

On gender-role expectations in Nigeria: ‘I think there is a really big issue on the level of judgement we put on women versus men here in Nigeria. That’s a big issue! You should be able to honestly live your life how you want to as long as you aren’t in anyway harming anyone else, obviously if you are, that is a problem, but if you’re just living your life the way you want to why should other people be in judgement of it or stop you from that?

‘But if you must judge or set standards, why don’t you make it more a man and woman thing instead of just making it about one gender, which obviously ends up being women? We must try to hold both women and men to the same standards at home, places of worship, work places, etc, otherwise, equality will be very hard to reach.

‘I honestly believe that there is a lot less forgiveness around the society for women. A typical case is when a man cheats versus when a woman does the same, somehow the man’s infidelity is reduced to – ‘men will be men’, so how about we make room for cheating women with a ‘women will be women’ line too?’

On what she hopes to be remembered by in 100 years: ‘In a hundred years from now, I would love to be remembered for probably three things: the impact I made in the Nigerian fashion industry in some way—being a fashion influencer you hope you are making an impact in terms of trends or improving the Nigerian identity—secondly, I hope to make an impact on the collection of our lost national arts.

‘Because I am studying the history of arts in my undergraduate at the moment, I hope to do my masters in African contemporary art, get into art-dealing, and also the reparation of Nigerian arts back to Nigeria. In my opinion, that’s where they belong: where our own people can see them. I would definitely love to play a role in bringing back those works that were taken from us during colonization.

‘And finally, I’d love to have made an impact in raising awareness for autism in Nigeria, and doing best I can in that regard. These are all things I hope will outlive me after I am gone. But first, I am really excited to get the ball rolling on all these things after my university degree this year!’

On Autism: A cause very close to my heart is raising awareness about autism in Nigeria—as I have a younger brother who I love very very dearly who is autistic, and although he grew up in England, we have definitely become aware of the lack of awareness people have for special needs children in Nigeria.

Sadly, Autism is still a taboo subject, and there needs to be more awareness on the issue just so people are educated on the day-to-day childhood challenges special needs children face.

One of the things I hope to do is raise awareness through a visual project back in Nigeria. I’m really really excited to work with different charities and see what I can do to help children living with autism in Nigeria.

Read the full cover story here.

Photography: Isabella Agbaje | @isabellaagbaje
Videography: Chukwuka Nwobi | @chukanwobi
Creative Direction: Richard Akuson @richardakuson
Makeup: Desmond Macauley | @deydeysoso_
Wardrobe/Location: Temple Muse | @templemuse
Cover Design: Godwin Wi | @godwinwi
Project Coordinator: Adedayo Laketu | @adedayolaketu
Editorial Assistant: Atare Hanna | @atarehanna

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