Complicated Jussie Smollett Attack Case Goes To Grand Jury

Complicated Jussie Smollett Attack Case Goes To Grand Jury

By Favour Nnaemeka

As the Jussie Smollett case gets more complicated with many inconsistencies, TMZ reports that sources in law enforcement have revealed that grand jury will hear the case early next week

The sources also revealed that the Osundairo brothers, Abel and Ola who are Nigerians who were arrested and then released are housed somewhere in downtown Chicago under the watchful eye of police so no one gets to them, especially the Jussie who is suspected to have orchestrated the January 29 attack on him.

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The police became extremely suspicious when the actor took them to the area where he said the attack happened and pointed to an obscure camera saying how happy he was that the attack was on video. But the camera at it turned out was pointing in another direction and the police also thought it was weird Smollett knew the location of that camera.

Investigators reportedly also didn’t believe the two alleged attackers screamed, “This is MAGA country,” because, “Not a single Trump supporter watches ‘Empire.’”

The police picked up the Nigerian brothers at O’Hare Airport, armed with 3 warrants for each man, one of which was to seize their phones. Prior to that, when police raided the home of the 2 brothers they found magazines with pages torn out, and authorities are now trying to determine if the missing pages are connected to the threatening letter that was sent to Jussie 8 days before the alleged attack.

Jussie and his lawyer continue to vehemently deny the attack was staged, maintaining this was a hate crime.

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