Diary of a broke Lagos girl

Diary of a broke Lagos girl

By Binyelum Ewulluh

For the umpteenth time that day I checked my account balance and again, wondered how in the hell I managed to spend all of my N160,000 salary in barely two weeks.

As if that wasn’t enough, I had debts to last me a lifetime. I cringed at the thought of running into Tola, who I still hadn’t paid for the two new shoes I recently bought. Oh God, where was I going to get N36,000 to pay her?

I could have bought six solid pairs of Okirika ones from Yaba for half that price. I really hated being an onigbese, so the thought of all my debts were enough to keep me up at night. I stared at my mobile banking app in anguish, my N2,000 balance stared back at me, unrepentant.

How was I supposed to cope with all these bills and still take myself to work for the next two weeks?

I didn’t even need to wonder too much what was responsible for my brokenness at this stage. ASOEBI! Geez, if one more friend decides she’s getting married this year, I would certainly be attending with an old asoebi I’d worn for someone else’s wedding.

Just this month alone, I’d spent almost N50,000 on just two people’s asoebi, forgetting that I’d just spent N80,000 on this new weave I’d been eyeing for a while.

The temptation to say: ‘Fuck adulting, I’m going back to Asaba to be live with my parents’ was becoming more and more difficult to resist with each passing day.

The fact that I had at least finally managed to buy myself a car, was the only thing I was proud of at this point.

In a few months time, I’d have to pay my rent again. Sigh. I really wasn’t made for this life.

Maybe I should just say yes to one of the rich married men that were on my case, as that’s all I seemed to be able to attract: rich married men or broke mama’s boys that couldn’t afford to feed themselves, talk more take care of me. Okay, that’s an exaggeration. I just wasn’t feeling none of the men I was meeting these days.

Sigh. All I need at this point is a miracle. Fast.

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