Five romantic and affordable birthday gift ideas for your man

Five romantic and affordable birthday gift ideas for your man

By Binyelum Ewulluh

These gift ideas will make shopping for him a lot easier

Getting a birthday gift for your man can be a bit tedious as most women have a hard time deciding what to get, especially when you’re working on a budget or when you feel like your man has virtually everything you can think of.

Don’t worry, there are still lots of ways to make your man feel extra special and loved on his big day without having breaking the bank.

See some below:

1. Visit him at work and take him to lunch

Drop by at his office

A man that loves you would want to show you off to the entire world. A quick stop at his workplace during lunch break will make him beam with pride and excitement at your thoughtful gesture.

You can also go with a bottle of his favourite drink or a cake so his co-workers can participate in the fun (if your budget permits).

2. A wallet with a photo of you in it

Make sure you put a photo of yourself in it

Men pretend not to like a little romance, but believe me, they’re all big babies when they’re in love.

Get him a simple, classy wallet and give it a personal feel by putting a pretty photo of your smiling self inside it so your smile gets to brighten up his day a little every time he opens it. Trust me, he would be grinning from ear to ear when he first sees that photo.

3. A bottle of his favourite drink

Surprise him with a bottle of his favourite bottle of alcohol

If he’s the type that appreciates a glass of alcohol every now and then, then getting him a bottle of his favourite brand will definitely put a smile on his face.

4. Cook him his favourite meal

Prepare his favourite meal

This never gets old. Take some time out to prepare him his favourite meal and set the table for two. They say food always tastes better when it’s prepared with a good dose of love, so remember to put all your heart into it and watch him devour it happily.

5. Write him love notes and put them in a jar

Write him a love note for every day of the year

This is a fun way of showing him the really thoughtful side of you. You can do as much as a year’s worth so he gets to open one every day of the year until his next birthday when you can come up with some other romantic gift. Or do a number that matches his new age, say 25 cute notes for his 25th birthday.

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