Here’s Why The 26th Is Called Boxing Day! You’re Welcome!

Here’s Why The 26th Is Called Boxing Day! You’re Welcome!

By Enitan Kehinde

It’s that time of the year, the time to unwind with your friends and loved ones. With a plethora of fun activities this period, it’s easy to forget the reason for the season. And I’m not talking about just Christmas. Many of us have forgotten that just the day after the Christmas festivities, we have boxing day, a day that comes with its own history and tradition.

Contrary to some opinions, the origins of Boxing Day lie not in sport, but in small acts of kindness.

It is generally accepted that the name derives from the giving of Christmas “boxes”, but the precise nature of those boxes and when they were first dispensed is disputed. One school of thought argues that the tradition began in churches in the Middle Ages. Parishioners collected money for the poor in alms boxes, and these were opened on the day after Christmas in honor of St Stephen, the first Christian martyr, whose feast day falls on 26 December.

However, regardless of the history that precedes the date, one thing that is certain is Boxing day should be associated with giving and sharing gifts with friends.

“33” Export is bringing back this fabled tradition with an impressive festive season giveaway. The beer brand on its Facebook page engaged its fans in a Christmas Competition. All consumers had to do was suggest a friend they wanted “33” Export to reward this season, and just like that, 33 friends got a true Boxing Day experience.

Head on the the official “33” export page to get in on that action, and yeah, Merry Christmas!!!

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