‘It is wrong to go after Lai Mohammed’ – Tony Okoroji berates PMAN

‘It is wrong to go after Lai Mohammed’ – Tony Okoroji berates PMAN

By Lukmon Fasasi

While my accusers drove away in a fleet of choice SUVs, I left the EFCC in my only car of the time, a tokunbo Mercedes Benz 190

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Tony Okoroji

Copyright Society of Nigeria (COSON) chairman, Tony Okoroji has hit out at the Performing Musicians Association of Nigeria (PMAN) for petitioning the Information and Culture minister, Lai Mohammed.

PMAN had petitioned the minister over what it described as stealing their creative proposal in organising the recently held Creative Industry Summit in Lagos.

But Okoroji said that he was bewildered by attempts of some of his colleagues to embarrass the minister and discredit the summit.

‘I am shocked by the efforts being made by some of my colleagues and friends in the name of PMAN to discredit the historic Creative Industry Summit and to drag the minister’s name into the mud,’ he said in a statement issued in Abuja on Thursday.

‘I have written extensively on Intellectual Property and have lectured on the subject in respected international fora across the world. I am therefore embarrassed that someone would in the name of PMAN accuse the minister of ‘plagiarising’ an idea for a conference.’

Okoroji, who is an ex-president of PMAN, further stated that it was wrong for association to lay claim to a proposal he submitted.

‘One of the basic tenets of copyright is the maxim: There is no copyright in ideas. Proposing an idea for a conference does not mean that other people cannot propose ideas for similar conference.

‘As a past president of PMAN and an elder in Nigeria’s creative industry, I completely disagree with the attempt to use the platform of PMAN to contrive a dispute with the minister.

‘It is also wrong to seek to blackmail and terrorise him using language that is very unbecoming of our once great association. There is a lot of work to do and plenty to keep every willing person busy.

‘Let us join hands and do the work for the good of the Nigerian nation and the well-being of our children.’

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