Michael Jackson Estate Sues HBO For Breach Of Contract

Michael Jackson Estate Sues HBO For Breach Of Contract

By Favour Nnaemeka

The estate of late pop icon Michael Jackson has sued cable channel HBO for violating a non-disparagement clause by agreeing to run “Leaving Neverland,” a documentary which accused Jackson of sexual abuse.

The suit seeks to compel HBO to litigate the matter in a public arbitration process and wants the estate awarded $100 million or more in damages.

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According to the suit, HBO consented in 1992 to run “Michael Jackson in Concert in Bucharest: The Dangerous Tour.” The agreement included a non-disparagement clause.

This new suit alleges that the documentary is based on false accusations and that those who are accusing Jackson have a financial motive to lie.

“HBO and the director were well aware of their financial motives and that ample opposing facts are available from numerous sources, but made the unconscionable decision to bury any evidence casting doubt on their chosen narrative,” Howard Weitzman, attorney for the estate said. “Had they made an objective film it would have allowed viewers to make up their own minds about these allegations, instead of having a television network dictate to them that they must accept these false claims about Michael Jackson.”

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