Myoa’s ‘You’re My Christmas Wish’ Reminds Us That Love Is The Essence Of Christmas

Myoa’s ‘You’re My Christmas Wish’ Reminds Us That Love Is The Essence Of Christmas

By Victor Okpala

If you woke up feeling an unrestrained excitement wrapped in an unresolved sense of anticipation, then you’re exhibiting symptoms of pre-Christmas fever. Let’s help you out, it’s Christmas day tomorrow and singer Myoa has just released an astute soundtrack for the yule dubbed, You’re My Christmas Wish.

The song which features the contribution of rapper, Rukus found the two offering a reminder that love is the essence of the season and by extension, anyone who goes about the festivity devoid of love is engaging in a charade. “You’re my Christmas wish, just like my favourite dish, it all comes together, like sugar and spice and all things nice”, Myoa sang in the chorus alluding to her value and desire for a loved one.

Rukus went on to complement the singer’s delivery with a verse that exalts the need for companionship, especially in this season. You’re My Christmas Wish is released with a befitting EmexFocus-directed video that carries all the elements of the nostalgic yuletide season – candle lights, twinkles, fur coats and everything guaranteed to provide the Christmas-esque sensation.

Who Is Myoa?

Myoa is a Nigerian singer and songwriter whose pen game, vocal dexterity and production prowess have been nurtured and tested on a global degree. The singer began making music at a very young age; singing in the choir, writing poems and organizing mini-concerts with her siblings.

Although her passion for music is unmistakable, Myoa decided to temporarily shelve the art for a college degree but continued to hone her musical skill and eventually discovered her sound and individuality while studying in the University of Plymouth, South West England. “I spent a lot of my spare time in my room writing music on my keyboard when I wasn’t around the social circle. I became comfortable and confident in who I was and who I wanted to be”, She reveals.

After bagging a college degree and an eventual Master’s Degree & Chartered Certified Qualification in Finance, Myoa ventured into the labour market but found out years later that she was without satisfaction and as a result, she made a radical decision to return to her first love, Music. The singer kicked off this journey by seeking professional training at the Musicians Institute in Los Angeles, California learning the art of vocal performance and music production and her laudable performance would later land her an internship gig at the reputable, Universal Music Group.

Myoa sees greater benefit in creating her own lane in the music business than trying to imitate the rifts and runs of today’s Pop & R&B Superstars. “I can’t be someone that I’m not. My voice and my music come from God and there’s no sense in trying sing songs that don’t speak to me or reflect what’s in my soul.”

She has since released an album dubbed, Beautiful Journey which she believes validates all her hard work as an independent artist. The singer has also gone on to achieve a number of laudable feats, including performing at the 2017 Pepsi Super Bowl Event Private Party in Houston.

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