#MyThoughtOnLots: Aso Rock’s rat infestation is a PR, not a pest problem

#MyThoughtOnLots: Aso Rock’s rat infestation is a PR, not a pest problem

By Femi Falodun

Nigeria’s president was in London on leave for months, much to the country’s agitation

This ‘rats’ issue is just another symptom of a chronic PR/Communications problem.

Another goof, another day of shame. Whatever it was the president’s communications team was trying to say obviously wasn’t well thought out.

Also an SEO problem. I Googled “rats” and this came up 🙁

This is further proof that having just journalists — or anyone who can write articles in defense (however logical or illogical) of a political entity or POV, to do the job meant for seasoned PR consultants will always create avoidable problems. Unless said journalist (or writer) is well trained in the art of digital age Public Relations and storytelling.

I mean, look at Anthony Scaramucci. He was supposedly so ‘great’ on TV defending Trump’s ‘alternative facts’ as a political commentator, and POTUS thought he’d do well in a strategic role as communications team lead. But we all saw how he made the rookiest of rookie mistakes within a week of resuming as the White House Communications Director.

This says it all. From The Guardian.

It was strange seeing that in America, but yeah, we are used to that life in Nigeria. In fact, no one even gets fired for goofing over here. From one administration to another, we’ve seen same PR errors over and over again.

That being said, there are even quite a few scarier possibilities:

Theory 1: Maybe they just don’t give a rat’s ass (pun intended) about what we the (‘educated and enlightened’ ?) people think, since the majority of voters aren’t really influenced by mainstream mass media anyways, especially when it comes to political leanings and loyalty. So, the political elite then think: Why bother what some noisemakers on Twitter think when they are not even up to half the voting population of a few Local Government areas in a Nigerian state?

Theory 2: Now this one is worse. What if our leaders are really living in a mental bubble or alternate reality, where all is well with the world, and outcries and backlash from citizens don’t exist — or are mere opposition talking points? Where everything is all good and approval ratings (do we even legit conduct those in Nigeria?) are upwards of 90%?

Oh well, before this turns into a full on political rant, if it hasn’t already, let me just end it here:

What every politician needs is an Olivia Pope type strategist (without the Hollywood jara, salt and sugar, of course) leading communications and public relations (especially crisis management), rather than what we’ve repeatedly done in Nigeria all these years.

The amazing Kerry Washington as ‘Olivia Pope’ on ABC’s Scandal.
Not a big fan of the show, but the character is dope!

And that’s how to get rid of rat stories. For good.

Other Thoughts…

Donald Trump’s Folly

Won’t waste my time on this one. Americans know best. Bed laid… they should lie well.

I just don’t know when I’ll forgive that country for not voting Hillary and not heeding her warnings about Trump. Instead, Americans were caught up in (the real) fake news and lies told by the other side.

By the way, POTUS45 blocked Stephen King on Twitter. SMH. LOL. SMH.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Greatness.

Still the world’s best. All day, everyday.

Sergio Ramos’ Red Cards

People say he gets too many red cards. 18th of his La Liga career (a record) last week.

But critics forget that what makes players like him (and Cantona, Simeone, Roy Keane, CR7, etc) great is the extreme level of their passion, aggression and never-say-die fighting spirit.

Ramos as a captain has led his team to 3 Champions League titles in 4 years! That’s not a joke, and you don’t get to achieve such feat by being ‘normal’ or regular.

As a Madridista, I’m quick to forgive Sergio, and will take his passion (risky at times, yes) over spinelessness any day, any time.

Neymar Did The Right Thing.

His PSG move was 100% the correct decision. No longer will he have to live under the shadow of Messi. Now, a Brazilian is the new god of Paris.

See how he’s just chancing them anyhow in French Lique 1.

2 weeks, and Neymar is already a King in France.

Until next time, you can read more of my random thoughts on lots of other stuff via my Twitter (Hephef).

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