NECLive: 4 Reasons You Should Not Miss This Seventh Edition

NECLive: 4 Reasons You Should Not Miss This Seventh Edition

By Chux Odoh

The 7th annual Nigerian Entertainment Conference Live (NEClive) has been announced and as usual, it will be an ensemble of the brightest entertainers, performers, producers, singers, celebrities, business personalities, and fans, where conversations geared towards the development of Nigeria’s entertainment industry will be discussed.

On Wednesday, April 24th, the conference returns to its familiar venue of Landmark Event Centre, Oniru and it promises to topple the success of last year’s edition.

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The topic for this year’s conference is ‘Mobile, Data, Consumers And The Future Of Entertainment’ and as a stakeholder and player in the Nigerian entertainment, NECLive7 is an important event to schedule into your calendar.

Here are five reasons why you shouldn’t miss it.

1. The panel is diverse, packed with a powerful punch

The variety of the panelists who feature at NECLive conferences always deliver an illuminating mix of ideas and solutions which help to tackle existing challenges in the Nigerian Entertainment Industry. This year will not be different as it promises to retain the same quality of panelists.

2. It’s a rare occasion where all major Nigerian entertainers are available for interaction

It’s common knowledge of how hard it is to assemble the biggest names in entertainment under one roof. But during NECLive conferences, the best of the best of Nigerian entertainers turn up at the conference to learn and share their knowledge and experience in relevant topics of discussion. It is also an opportunity for fans to connect and interact with their favourite entertainer.

3. The venue is breathtaking

Sitting on the Oniru shore of the Atlantic Ocean, Landmark Centre is a sight to behold. The ambiance of the conference hall provides for a wonderful and cozy conference experience.

4. It’s an all day event

Which means a full day of learning, networking, and fun.

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