NET TV Exclusive: ‘Day I was almost kicked out of an audition in Abuja’ – Niniola

NET TV Exclusive: ‘Day I was almost kicked out of an audition in Abuja’ – Niniola

By Joan Omionawele

Niniola is currently gaining an edge in the entertainment industry with her latest single, ‘Maradona’.

The singer told NET TV that she once had her fair share of rejection while she was struggling to spark off her career in the industry.

‘I once had my fair share of no’s in the industry. I went for West African Idols audition and at that time, Dede Mbiaku, Dan Foster were the judges, so I decided to go because I was told that I was a very good singer by my friends.

‘On the audition day, I sang my heart out and two of the judges were not impressed but Dede stood his ground, telling them I could sing.

‘I needed at least two nods from the celebrities, but I got only one, so I got back home that day and cried my eyes out, but I didn’t give up. I got on a plane and went to Abuja to audition for the same competition.’

Explaining how she almost got kicked out of the auditions, Niniola said, ‘When it was time for me to sing, they were like is this not the girl from Lagos? They refused blatantly and told me I could not participate in the auditions.

‘I maintained the enthusiasm. I was not ready to give up, so I told them to at least let me sing because I came all the way from Lagos, at that point I did not even mind if I got to the next level.

‘I just wanted to sing. I did not come all the way from Lagos to be sent back home. They called security to take me out, but I insisted that I wasn’t going anywhere. I asked them to show me where it was that I was in their rule book that contestants were not allowed to audition twice, and again, Dede stood with me on this.

‘After much debate, they said they would give me a chance if I agree to be the last person to audition.

‘I eventually sang in the evening and Dede and the Ghanaian lady were happy with what I sang, but Dan Foster did not give me a yes, but that was how I got qualified to contest.’

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